Request for Information RFI

  • The RFI is a solicitation document used to obtain general information about products, services or suppliers.  It is an information request, not binding on either the supplier or the purchaser, and is often used prior to specific requisitions for items.

    The purpose of an RFI is to gain familiarity with the current market for a particular supply or service and to gather information in a formal, structured and comparable way. 

    The RFI process may help in the decision making process by developing a well-conceived solicitation document (RFP, RFQ) and clarifying the competitive requirements.

    The RFI may not be used as a source selection method to procure a supply or service.

    Below are templates that can be used when creating an RFI.

    RFI Advertisement Template - e-Procurement

    RFI Cover Letter Template

    RFI Template