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How to Understand Your New IUP CRIMSON HAWK Address

  • If you are an IUP campus facility resident, you will be assigned a new mailing address. It will have a unique Zip Code (15705) and a unique address identifier (CRIMSON HAWKS) for residence hall students only. It is used to direct all resident hall student mail to the centralized mailbox location at the Folger Hall Post Office location.

    Your new address will be:

    Your Name

    900 Maple Street
    Your four-digit mailbox number
    (followed by) CRIMSON HAWKS
    Indiana PA 15705 -
     Your 4-digit mailbox number

    The mailbox number, followed by the unique address identifier CRIMSON HAWKS and the Indiana PA 15705 Zip Code, provides the United States Postal Service with information for delivery of mail to IUP residence hall students. Parcel and package deliveries made through UPS, FedEx, DHL, and Airborne Express will also be delivered to the 15705 address.