Physics-Pre-Engineering Track, BS

  • Two physics students working together

    SMALL CLASSES allow students in the Pre-Engineering track in Physics get to know each other and work together. Small classes also let you get to know your professors and get help when needed, which gives you a strong start in a challenging and rewarding field of study.

    Start at IUP, End at One of Two Pennsylvania Engineering Schools

    Spend the first two to three years at IUP, preparing to complete your engineering studies at one of two Pennsylvania engineering schools:

    • Pennsylvania State University
    • University of Pittsburgh

    Engineering translates science into action in many different ways. From biomedical engineers to civil engineers, professionals in this field use scientific principles to address problems. As a physics major taking the Pre-Engineering track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll prepare for a promising, scientific career.

    In the physics pre-engineering major, you’ll cover concepts in computer science, math, and physics. Among the classes you’ll take are Problem Solving and Structured Programming, Differential Equations, and Modern Physics. You’ll also choose a two-course package based on your interests. Your choices are chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, materials science and engineering, or mechanical engineering.