Physics-Electro-Optics Track, BS

  • Electro Optics

    LIGHTING YOUR PROFESSIONAL FUTURE — The electro-optics track uniquely blends technical education with a background in physics theory.

    Electro-optics: One of the fastest-growing industries in the world

    The bachelor of science degree program in Physics, Electro-Optics Track, prepares you for a promising career in this growing, high-powered field.

    The electro-optics track is for the physics student who enjoys technical challenges as well as theoretical applications.

    You’ll take courses that on the nature and properties of light, lasers, light sources, basic optics, laser safety, optical detectors, fiber optics, high-vacuum technology, fiber-optics telecommunications, thin-film deposition units, and computer interfacing.

    • Blend a technical education with a background in physics theory.
    • Follow this track to engineering-level work for companies using electro-optics and laser engineering technologies.