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Physics Seminar: “How to Learn to Love the BOSS”

Shirley Ho, assistant professor of Physics at McWilliams Center for Cosmology, Carnegie Mellon University, will discuss the Baryon Oscillations Spectroscopic Survey at the Physics Department Seminar on Friday, September 25.

Posted on 9/22/2015 3:50:52 PM

PHYS 131 General Physics with Calculus Offered Summer Session One

PHYS 131 General Physics 1 is being offered during the summer in session 1. Non-IUP students are more than welcome to attend.

Posted on 4/13/2015 10:25:15 AM

Talwar to Help Organize International Conference on Lasers

Devki Talwar was invited to serve as a member of the organizing committee of the 2014 International Conference and Exhibition on Lasers, Optics, and Photonics.

Posted on 6/25/2014 12:12:08 PM

Seminar: High Altitude Water Cherenkov Obervatory

Miguel Mostafa from Penn State University will discuss the High Altitude Water Cherenkov Observatory on April 18, 2014.

Posted on 4/17/2014 11:46:58 AM

Physics Olympics Held at IUP

The 2014 Physics Olympics takes place April 11. Organized and funded by the IUP Physics Club, it’s an annual event where high school students from all over Western Pennsylvania put their physics skills to the test.

Posted on 4/8/2014 10:22:30 PM

Seminar on Nanotechnology Track Option for NSM majors

Learn about the exciting future in nanotechnology manufacturing with “Nanotechnology Applications, Research, and Educational Opportunities” on October 18, 2013.

Posted on 10/15/2013 9:52:32 AM

IUP Alliance for High School Physics

On Friday, September 27, the Physics Department will host a workshop for local physics high school teachers. The workshop will cover topics such as nanotechnology manufacturing, engineering, and electro-optics.

Posted on 9/19/2013 12:23:58 PM

Electro-Optics Summer Camp

Register now for the Electro-Optics Summer Camp, June 24–27. This camp, for high school students entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in Fall 2013, will provide hands-on experience in a variety of science-related activities.

Posted on 6/4/2013 12:26:09 PM

Annual Physics Olympics, April 19 in the HUB

The IUP Physics Club will host the 2013 Physics Olympics. High school physics students from around the state compete in events requiring the application of their physics knowledge.

Posted on 4/10/2013 3:45:20 PM

Going High Tech at the Electro-Optics Summer Camp

Science-oriented students can head to IUP’s 2009 Electro-Optics summer camp at the Northpointe campus. Technology-minded campers will learn about things such as electronics, wave optics, fiber optics, holography, infrared imaging, lasers, and nanotechnology.

Posted on 6/3/2009 1:19:49 PM