Dr. A. J. Haija

  • Dr. Haiga

    Weyandt Hall, Room 58
    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    Indiana, Pennsylvania. 15705



    A. J. Haija attended the University of Alexandria, where he received his B.Sc. degree in 1968 with distinction – first honor, and went to Pennsylvania State University in 1971 for his Ph.D. He received his Ph.D. in solid state physics/electrical and optical properties of multilayer structures and super-lattices, and then joined the University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan, where he served until 2000.


    Haija's research areas of interest are electrical and optical properties of thin films, multi-layers, and super-lattices. Recent work has been centered on the effective medium approximation employing the Characteristic Matrix Technique (CMT) for ultrathin multilayer structures. In addition, A. J. Haija wrote two books, one Classical Physics, published in 1998 and another in literature, called Satirical Thoughts from the Inspiration of the Twentieth Century, published in 2000. He also translated into Arabic, reviewed, and edited numerous translations of the Arabic version of Scientific American that is published in Kuwait.


    He is currently on the physics faculty of Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he supervises M. Sc. theses projects and enjoys teaching physics courses that extend from freshman to senior and graduate level students.


    A. J. Haija is a former member of New York Academy of Sciences, former member of the optical Society of America, and a current member of the American Physical Society.


    Reading and watching documentaries; Reading books on Philosophy of Science; Following news and events of current world affairs.