Chair's Welcome

  • Dr. TalwarWe want to tell you who we are and the opportunities you can find in our department.

    Take a look at our faculty and staff and their research interests. We have very good, well-equipped laboratories and research facilities.

    Students, check out our programs of study. We have scholarships, and a super Physics Club with members who study hard, play hard, and work to support our department and high school students. They do research projects and go on summer internships to national research labs.

    Our students compare with the best. Recent graduates have gone to master’s or Ph.D. programs at Penn state, Colorado School of Mines, and Carnegie Mellon, or into industries at companies such as AT&T, Teledyne, Gore, and E.G. and G. 

    If there is anything that we can do for you, give me a call at 724-357-2370 or e-mail me at

    Thanks for your visit!

    Devki Talwar
    Chairman, IUP Physics Department