2014 W-2 Form Highlghts

  • There were no major changes to the W-2 from the previous year.  The following is a breakdown of each box on the form:

    1. Boxes 1, 3, and 5 contain the Federal, Social Security, and Medicare Taxable Gross Wages, respectively. The amount in Box 3 (Social Security Wages) should not exceed $117,000.
    2. Boxes 2, 4, and 6 contain the Federal, Social Security, and Medicare income taxes withheld, respectively. The amount in Box 4 (Social Security Tax Withheld) should not exceed $7,254.
    3. Box 10 contains Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account Deductions, if applicable for the employee.
    4. In accordance with the Affordable Care Act of 2010, we are reporting the total cost of the employer sponsored health coverage you received during the year in box 12 under code DD. This figure includes both the employee and employer paid shares of health insurance premiums and is for informational purposes only. This amount is not taxable
    5. Box 12, code EE will include after-tax contributions to a Roth 457(b) retirement plan offered by government employers
    6. Boxes 16 and 17 contain the State Taxable Gross Wages and the State Income Tax withheld, espectively, for the applicable State indicated in Box 15.
    7. Boxes 18 and 19 contain the Local Taxable Gross Wages and the Local Income Tax Withheld.
    8. Per Act 32 of 2008 (Paragraph7, subparagraph ii) entries in box 20 (Locality Name) of the Employee’s copy of the W-2 form must contain the two-digit PSD code for the Tax Collection District (i.e., county) where the tax was remitted. The State System remits all local taxes to Lancaster County; therefore all employees will see the value of “36” regardless of their residence tax area.
    9. Detailed explanations of the codes used in Box 12 are printed on the back of Copy B to be filed with the Federal Tax Return.
    10. Box 14 may include one or more of the following:

      *Retirement Plan Contributions (SERS, PSERS, or ARP)

      * Pre-Tax Benefit Programs
      Payroll deductions covered under the Internal Revenue Code Section 125 for flexible spending account programs are also shown in this box. These include deductions for:
      Health insurance premiums
      Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) 

      * Other deductions such as:
      Union Dues Taxable Automobile Taxable Moving ExpensesMaintenance Taxable and Nontaxable

    Note: Employee health insurance premiums and employee HCFSA contributions are grouped together and described as Flexible Spending Account (FLX SP AC) contributions in Box 14.

    Employees should verify the Social Security number, name, and address reported on the W‑2 form, as this is the information that will be sent to the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the IRS. Any discrepancies in Social Security number and/or name should be reported immediately so we can notify the proper agencies. Please note, employee names should be the same in the HCM system as they are on the employee’s Social Security card for the employee to receive proper credit for the earnings reported in calendar year 2014.