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Frequently Asked Questions: International Students

  • Frequently asked questions about Payroll Services. Also see our FAQ for students

    Am I eligible to work on campus?

    Authorization to work on campus is determined by the Office of Immigration Services and is verified by Student Payroll Services by visa type.

    Am I exempt from Social Security taxes? Federal Income taxes? State and local income taxes?

    Deduction or exemption of Social Security taxes is determined by visa type. Exemption from federal income tax is determined by country of residence. State and local taxes are deducted for your local address while you are enrolled at IUP. Non-resident aliens are required to file income taxes. International students are issued a W-2 or 1042S form, depending on tax deduction.

    Can I be paid if I don’t have a Social Security number?

    No. Pay cannot be issued until your original Social Security card has been presented to Student Payroll Services. The student identification number listed on demographics at the Registrar’s office is changed to the Social Security number. The form to change this number is available at Student Payroll.

    Can I continue to work if my visa expires?

    No. Assistance to extend an expiration date for a visa is provided by the International Services office. Students cannot continue to work and be paid until proof has been presented that Immigration has renewed the passport.