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How to Reset Your Own PASSHE Active Directory Password

  • Employees and students have the ability to set their own PASSHE Active Directory passwords. This password is used to access the Employee Self-Service (ESS) system.

    There are two ways in which you can reset your PaSSHE/ESS password. The first is to use MyIUP. The second way requires that you sign up for the PaSSHE account self-service. 

    The MyIUP steps follow, then the PaSSHE steps will be after that.

    1. Log into MyIUP with your network username and password. 
      1. After successfully logging in, select Personal Info.
      2. Select Change Password.
      3. Select the PASSHE check box in the Click to Change column.
      4. Click Set Selected Passwords.
      5. Click Proceed.
      6. Review the Password Change Requirements very carefully. Enter the password you wish to use in the Enter your NEW Password box. Re-enter the password you wish to use in the Confirm your NEW Password box.
      7. Click Set Selected Passwords.
      8. If the password change was successful, you will see a message indicating that your password was successfully changed.

        If there was a problem, review the error message carefully, and try again to reset the password. If you continue to have problems, please contact the IT Support Center.

      To utilize the PaSSHE Self-Service method, you do need to know your PaSSHE/ESS password as you will need to log into the Self-Service module one time with your PaSSHE/ESS password to set this method.

      To set this up:

      1. Open a browser and go to www.iup.edu/ess.

      2. Select Account Self-Service
      3. Select Indiana University
      4. Select Setup Your Account for Self-Service
      5. Enter your PASSHE Active Directory Account username (40username@passhe.lcl replacing username with your IUP username), then enter your PASSHE Active Directory password, and click Log On.
      6. Once you are logged on, the Account Self-Service: Account Setup Tool page should appear.
      7. Complete the requested information. You will need to remember these settings (especially the self-set ESS pin) for when you use the Account Reset Tool.
      8. Click Submit after completing step 7. A confirmation page will then be displayed that you have successfully configured the Self-Service Tool.  

      You will now be able to use the PaSSHE/ESS's Account Reset Tool if you have forgotten your password.

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