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Pan-African Studies Minor

Mafei James in hard hat

MINOR HELPED HER LAND INTERNSHIP AND JOB - Mafei James '13, a Safety, Health, and Environmental Applied Sciences major with a minor in Pan African Studies, did an internship for a mining company in Sierra Leone, West Africa. She now works for a Global Risk Management Team on environmental health and safety (EHS) compliance and risk for Aramark's businesses. "The minor is pivotal and essential to where I am now," said James.

Add Value to Your Academic Credentials, Deepen Your Perspective

The minor in Pan-African Studies can be an essential part of your education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. There is an increasing need to understand the perspectives of African-descended peoples in the U.S. and abroad. As the African continent expands its role on the world stage, knowledge of its significance and influence will enhance your employment aspirations.

Shape the Minor to Suit Your Goals

The interdisciplinary emphasis of this minor sheds light on the people and cultures of African descent all over the world. With the flexibility in our curriculum requirements, you can build a course list that fits your career plans or interests. The minor in Pan-African Studies requires 18 credits (six courses, each three credits). There is one required course, PNAF 131, Introduction to Pan-African Studies.

In addition to the one required course:

  • At least three courses (nine credits) must come from Category A: Exclusively Pan-Africa-focused courses.
  • The two remaining courses (six credits) may come from either Category A or Category B: Substantially Pan-Africa-focused courses. Because their content may vary, courses from Category B must be approved by the Pan-African Studies coordinator to count for the minor.

Category A: Exclusively Pan-Africa-focused courses:

  • ANTH/SOC 271 — Cultural Area Study: Africa
  • ARHI 418 — African Art
  • COMM 380 — The History of African Americans in Film
  • ENGL 348 — African American Literature
  • GEOG 255 — Geography of Africa
  • HIST 355 — African History I – Antiquity to 1600
  • HIST 356 — African History II – 1600 to Present
  • HIST 365 — The History of Black America since Emancipation
  • HIST 366 — African American Women
  • MUSC 300 — Black Music in America and the Diaspora
  • PLSC 382 — Political Systems: Africa
  • PNAF 281 — Special Topics in Pan-African Studies
  • PNAF 481 — Special Topics in Pan-African Studies
  • PNAF 482 — Independent Study
  • PNAF 493 — Pan-African Studies Internship
  • RLST 360 — African Religions

Category B: Substantially Pan-Africa-focused courses (must be approved by the coordinator to count for the minor):

  • ECON 339 — Economic Development I
  • ENGL 396 — The Literature of Emerging Nations
  • ENGL 398 — Global Genres
  • JRNL 375 — World News Coverage
  • PLSC 389 — International Development Strategies
  • SOC 362 — Racial and Ethnic Minorities

With the program coordinator’s approval, the following can also count toward the minor:

  • Internship credits
  • Study-abroad program(s) related to Pan-African Studies
  • Courses in Swahili and Arabic (offered through the Critical Languages Program)
  • Other relevant departmental electives
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