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Minor in Pan-African Studies

The minor in Pan-African Studies can be an essential part of your education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania!

Our Curriculum: What Courses Are Needed for a Minor?

The minor in Pan-African Studies requires 18 credits (6 courses, each 3 credits). There is one required course:

  • PNAF 131 Introduction to Pan-African Studies

In addition to the one required course, at least three courses (9 credits) must come from Category A: Exclusively Pan-Africa-focused courses. The remaining courses may come from either Category A or Category B: Substantially Pan-Africa-focused courses. Because their content may vary, courses from Category B must be approved by the coordinator Pan-African Studies in order to count for the minor.

Category A: Exclusively Pan-Africa-focused courses:

  • ANTH/SOC 271 Cultural Area Study: Africa
  • ARHI 418 African Art
  • COMM 380 The History of African Americans in Film
  • ENGL 348 African American Literature
  • GEOG 255 Geography of Africa
  • HIST 355 African History I – Antiquity to 1600
  • HIST 356 African History II – 1600 to Present
  • HIST 365 The History of Black America since Emancipation
  • HIST 366 African American Women
  • MUSC 300 Black Music in America and the Diaspora
  • PLSC 382 Political Systems: Africa
  • PNAF 281 Special Topics in Pan-African Studies
  • PNAF 481 Special Topics in Pan-African Studies
  • PNAF 482 Independent Study
  • PNAF 493 Pan-African Studies Internship
  • RLST 360 African Religions

Category B: Substantially Pan-Africa-focused courses (must be approved by the coordinator in order to count for the minor):

  • ECON 339 Economic Development I
  • ENGL 396 The Literature of Emerging Nations
  • ENGL 398 Global Genres
  • JRNL 375 World News Coverage
  • PLSC 389 International Development Strategies
  • SOC 362 Racial and Ethnic Minorities

With the program coordinator’s approval, the following can also count toward the minor:

  • Internship Credits
  • Study-abroad program(s) related to Pan-African Studies
  • Courses in Ki-Swahili and Arabic (offered through the Critical Languages Program)
  • Other relevant departmental electives
  • Pan-African Studies
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