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Qualtrics Workshop

  • Moving Qualtrics Data to SPSS: Some Tricks to Improve the Process

    Thursday, June 23, 2011

    12:30–2:00 p.m. in Stabley 201
    Instructor: Dr. Christoph Maier, ARL Coordinator

    Qualtrics is a Web-based survey software package available at no cost to IUP faculty, staff, and students. Using the software, users can design and conduct online surveys. Survey responses are stored in a Qualtrics database, which can be exported to SPSS for analysis. Qualtrics provides a way to export files to SPSS, but there are some changes in the resulting SPSS file that need to be made. In this workshop, you will learn some tricks to optimize this process.


    1. Making changes in the Qualtrics survey
      1. Modifying variable and value labels
      2. Excluding responses from the analysis
    2. Exporting the survey to SPSS
    3. Generating the SPSS syntax file in Qualtrics
    4. Modifying the syntax file
      1. Further changing variable labels for items using the Matrix Table format
    5. Adding additional code to the syntax file to make other necessary changes

    To enroll in workshop:

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