English: Language Studies

  • The Language Studies Track enables students to design a course of study in language development, structure, and use.

    A student who completes the Language Studies Track will be able to identify and analyze the social and political applications of language used by and about speakers, writers, and subjects from both dominant and underrepresented linguistic communities; apply an increased language sensibility to personal, academic, social, and professional communication; and analyze specific discourse types and contexts. The Language Studies Track prepares students for any profession that requires strong analytic skills and for academic study in rhetoric and linguistics.

    Track Courses: 15 credits

    • ENGL 203 Introduction to Language Studies

    Four courses chosen from the following:

    • ENGL 313 Rhetorical Trends and Traditions
    • ENGL 321 Persuasive Speech and Writing
    • ENGL 328 Introduction to Linguistics
    • ENGL 330 The Structure of English
    • ENGL 333 Psycholinguistics
    • ENGL 336 Language, Gender, and Society
    • ENGL 426 ESL Methods and Materials