Bachelor of Arts in English/Pre-Law

  • A major in English/Pre-Law is a challenging undertaking with many rewards. Student will experience growth in creativity, vocabulary, writing ability, comprehension skills, and many other faculties.

    The study of English and American literature offers a central path toward the goal of humanistic education and fosters the intellectual training demanded by all law schools. Studying literature also expands your horizons and develops your general knowledge of the world and its events, not to mention improving your vocabulary and critical thinking skills. Literature can thus open your eyes to a whole new world and a better understanding of it.

    In addition to the English major course work, the Pre-Law Program provides a range of academic experiences that law schools have indicated are desirable. The range of courses—from Business, Criminology, Economics, History, Philosophy, and Political Science—offers students the necessary background for a career in law. An advantage of this program is that, whether or not students are accepted into law schools, they have completed a disciplinary major. Special programs also provide Pre-Law students with the opportunity to learn more about law schools and the profession of law, and the Pre-Law Board offers programs of intensive preparation for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).