Course Taking Sequence

  • The sequence of courses will vary, depending upon whether students attend full-time or part-time and in what semester they enter the program.

    Below is a typical sequence for full-time students beginning in the fall semester. Students who attend part-time, or who begin in the fall or spring semester, should meet with the program coordinator to develop a suitable sequence of courses. Please note that students who begin the program in the spring semester will not be able to attend full-time until the fall semester because of prerequisite courses.

    Year 1


    LTCY 600 Foundations of Literacy
    LTCY 644 Recent Trends in the Language Arts
    LTCY 635 Literacy in Inclusive Classrooms


    LTCY 607 Instruction and Learning with Literature
    LTCY 698 Analysis of Research in Literacy
    LTCY 701 Assessment and Acceleration

    Early Session:

    LTCY 648 Creativity and the Elementary School Child 

    Summer I:

    LTCY 702 Reading and Writing in the Content Area
    LTCY 705 Organization and Administration of Reading and Writing Programs

    Summer II:

    LTCY 770 Practicum for Reading Specialists I
    LTCY 771 Practicum for Reading Specialists II

    Year 2


    GSR 615  Elements of Research
    Elective in LTCY or EDEX, depending on initial certification