PSE Graduation Awards

  • John Rieger Inspiration Award

    Award Criteria

    • The recipient shall be an undergraduate graduating senior in the Professional Studies in Education Department. This may include any qualifying student whose graduation date falls within the academic year concluded by the May ceremony.
    • The recipient shall have overcome a significant adversity, faced a considerable challenge, and/or overcome compelling odds in order to complete his or her education. This may include physical challenges, a series of life circumstances, or other appreciable hardships.

    Lloyd W. Briscoe Award

    Award Criteria

    • The recipient shall be an educator who has contributed significantly to the overall well-being of the university, college, PSE Department, or other areas of education. Emphasis will be placed on outstanding service to students within the PSE Department.
    • The recipient may be a practicing or retired educator.

    Notes Applicable to Both Awards

    • Every effort will be made to identify a recipient for each award. It is recognized, however, that there may be years where a qualified candidate is not identified for one or both awards.
    • Nominees for these awards will be identified by faculty of the PSE Department and conform to the criteria established for the appropriate award. Award recipients will be decided upon by a majority vote of the PSE tenure track faculty.
    • The name(s) of the award recipient(s) will be noted in the spring Commencement program and a plaque presented at the spring Commencement ceremony.
    • Unless compelling and extenuating circumstances exist, only one person will be identified as the recipient for each award.
    • The chosen recipient for either award does not need to be present at the May Commencement ceremony to be afforded the honor. In such cases, the award can be accepted by an appropriate designee or the name(s) can be announced noting that the recipient was unable to attend the ceremony.
    Graduation Award Nomination Form