Conversation - Visiting

  • Brigid:

    “You know there’s something different about this place when you can sit up in the philosophy room until 4:00 a.m. talking about the physics of particle motion and then, a week later, contemplate M&Ms and wonder why people don’t see W&Ws. There’s an atmosphere here in Whitmyre that I’ve never found anywhere else—one with so many absolutely intelligent people, yet utterly devoid of prentension. That’s what brought me across the country and what makes it worthwhile to have to constantly explain to people exactly where Indiana, Pa., is.”


    “I tell people, ‘You’ve got to come and stay a night.’ And you really do. I came on a tour, and it was just like, ‘Yeah, nice buildings, looks just like the university I live next to.’ If you stay a night, you really get the idea. It’s just a whole different environment. I’m sure you thought so, too.”


    “At one of the open houses, a panel of upperclassmen talked about how one really hot day they took up a collection, went to Walmart, and bought a huge kiddie pool. They had a beach party in the courtyard. That was one of the first clues of how it was going to be here.”


    “Before I actually came here, I thought, ‘Egad, all the smart people living together! Everybody’s going to be so stuck up. I don’t want to be a part of that. Mom, Dad, no—I’m not living there.’ Then I spent the night, and it wasn’t like that.”