Meggie Pace - Field Journal

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    Meggie Pace discusses her experiences as an Anthropology/Archaeology major at IUP, including her internship which took her to China. 1:39, 10.0 MB

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  • At Indiana University of Pennsylvania, there’s more to the college experience than sitting in a classroom.

    Just ask Meghan “Meggie” Pace, an Anthropology/Archaeology Track major from Bucks County.

    Meggie has taken part in archaeological digs at two sites not far from IUP’s Indiana Campus, and she presented her research at a national archaeology conference in Atlanta.

    In summer 2009, Meggie headed to China for an internship to help plan an excavation in the rocky terrain of the Fujian Province.

    Get a glimpse of Meggie’s thoughts along the way in these journal entries:

    The Future

    June 7, 2009—There are so many career options in archaeology, but I’m not yet sure what I want to do after graduate school.

    On the Job

    May 29, 2009—I’ll be returning to school with a lot more knowledge after trying out new techniques and equipment during my summer job.

    Love of Travel

    May 22, 2009—I’ve been all over the United States and to Europe. I want to see what Asia’s like.

    Preparing for the Trip

    May 18, 2009—My preparations for the trip to China are in full swing, which means getting shots, packing, and collecting money.

    Love of Language

    May 8, 2009—I’ve had twelve years of French and love to have a chance to use it.

    Landing a Summer Job

    April 25, 2009—The archaeology conference was a great networking opportunity: I landed a summer job with a geophysical consulting firm.

    Looking toward Summer in China

    April 16, 2009—For my summer internship, I’ll be heading to China to help plan an excavation in the mountainous Fujian Province.

    Presenting Research Nationally

    April 1, 2009—Jason, Anthony, and I are going to present our Dividing Ridge research at a national archaeology conference in Atlanta.

    Advanced Equipment

    March 27, 2009—We get to use ground penetrating radar—which not a lot of schools have—to see subsurface features without digging.

    Getting Paid to Play

    March 24, 2009—Trying to figure out where to dig at Dividing Ridge is challenging but exciting.

    Starting from Scratch

    March 19, 2009—Research at Dividing Ridge was just getting started, so it involved a lot of mapping and guesswork.

    College Job: Baptism by Fire

    March 13, 2009—My job with IUP Archaeology Services led to my research at the Dividing Ridge site in Derry Township.

    Finding Buried Treasures

    March 9, 2009—We found hundreds of artifacts each day during field school.

    Field School Family

    March 5, 2009—During field school for archaeology students, I learned excavation techniques and made a lot of friends.

    Fell in Love with IUP

    February 26, 2009—When I visited the campus and met Anthropology faculty, I knew I wanted to study here.

    Action Heroes: Archaeology Myth

    February 12, 2009—Archaeology isn’t as glamorous as an Indiana Jones movie, but being able to uncover the past is incredibly rewarding.