Nutrition, Nutrition Track B.S.

  • B.S., Nutrition,
    Nutrition Track

    College of Health and Human Services

    What You'll Do

    To get the best results, cooks follow recipes. As a Nutrition major pursuing the Nutrition track at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, you’ll find this bachelor’s degree program is a recipe for professional success. It is an excellent preparation for careers in nutrition (other than those requiring a registered dietitian) and for furthering your education with graduate school.

    Among the classes you’ll take are Careers in Food and Nutrition, Experimental Foods, Human Food Consumption Patterns, and Nutrition in Disease I. The Natural Science courses required for this degree are flexible to fit your academic needs.

    This track is designed as a solid education in nutrition combined with a related discipline as a subject minor or core concentration. Among your options for minors are Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Communications Media, Educational Technology, Journalism, Psychology, and Psychological Science. You can also pursue a certificate in Culinary Arts or Gerontology or concentrations in Hospitality Management or Physical Education and Sport.

    What You'll Become

    The Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition achieved through pursuit of the Nutrition track prepares you for a professional role in public health, food service administration, culinary arts, journalism, communications, business, and gerontology. This degree is also a good preparation for graduate studies when the proper Natural Science courses are selected.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average employment growth is expected in the food service industry through 2016. Good job opportunities are expected in some job categories, according to the report, especially for those with specialized training, an advanced degree, or added certifications.

    The report added that there is expected to be an increase in the elderly population through 2016, resulting in an increased need for nutrition-related services for this age group.  Depending on the minor that is chosen, students can pursue jobs in other career areas.

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    Special Features

    • Students can choose to join the Student Dietetic Association (SDA).
    • IUP has educated more than 1,000 dietitians/nutritionists over the past thirty years.
    • Nutrition Connection is a program staffed by students enrolled in the Nutrition Counseling course. With supervision from IUP faculty members, students have the opportunity to provide other students with free, individual counseling on issues such as healthy eating habits, fitness, weight management, nutrition-related medical problems, or eating disorders.
    • Students can gain valuable experience through programs such as Sports Nutrition Services, which is staffed by undergraduate and graduate students from the Department of Food and Nutrition. This program is a nutrition service for coaches and athletes.