International Studies, Political Science, BA

  • B.A., International Studies - Political Science

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    What You’ll Do

    As nations become increasingly interconnected, our need to understand other countries and their governments takes on greater importance. As an International Studies—Political Science major, you’ll study American and world politics as you prepare for employment in government positions related to international affairs.

    Students in this major take five core courses: World Politics, American Politics, Contemporary Political Ideas, Research Methods, and International Relations.

    Building on this base, you'll choose a specialization: International Political Economy, International Political Systems, or International Security Studies. Each includes a large variety of relevant courses from other disciplines, as well as political science, letting you tailor your studies specifically to your particular interest.

    Students are strongly encouraged to explore foreign educational options. IUP has made arrangements for international exchange programs and study abroad opportunities at universities around the world.

    What You’ll Become

    The Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies—Political Science prepares you for employment opportunities in the federal government and with private civic groups, interest groups, and political groups. You may also pursue jobs in business and industry. Some follow the attainment of a bachelor’s degree with graduate school or law school. 

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be increased employment growth in federal jobs related to border and transportation security, emergency preparedness, public health, and information analysis. Other federal government sectors may not experience growth, according to the report. The global business environment may offer additional opportunities for those with this degree.

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    Special Features

    • Students may consider living in an IUP residence hall unit with a global awareness theme that attracts international students.
    • At the Digital Language Studio in Eicher Hall, students can view foreign language videos and use digital audio programs and computer programs to study languages.
    • IUP students can participate in simulations of the United Nations with students from other universities.
    • A state representative’s office, a state senator’s office, and open meetings for county government have traditionally been within walking distance of campus in downtown Indiana. A U.S. congressman also has chosen downtown Indiana for a local office.
    • IUP’s chapter of Pi Gamma Mu, an international social science honor society, provides recognition and opportunities for eligible students.