M.S. in Physics

  • The Department of Physics offers the Master of Science in Physics. The Master of Science in Physics degree program is designed for students who plan to pursue further graduate work or to undertake research in an industrial position. The degree is research oriented, and a thesis is required.

    Because of the wide range of possible courses, students are required to have the consent of their graduate advisors before selecting a course. An advisor is assigned to students as soon as they are accepted into the degree program.

    Program Requirements

    I. Admission Requirements

    Applicants must have a B.S. or B.A. degree with a major in Physics and meet the requirements of the School of Graduate Studies and Research and the Department of Physics. Applicants having other degrees that provide sufficient preparation in physics and mathematics will also be considered for admission.

    II. Subject Matter Concentration

    A minimum of six courses to be selected with the approval of the advisor from the following: PHYS 536, PHYS 601-602, PHYS 634, PHYS 641, PHYS 651, PHYS 652, PHYS 661-662.

    III. Research Requirement

    Each Master of Science student is required to undertake an individual research problem and to complete an acceptable thesis under the supervision of one of the faculty members eligible to teach graduate courses. The student is expected to choose a research advisor by the beginning of the second semester in attendance and to submit a written thesis proposal to his or her Thesis Committee for approval by the end of the second semester. The Thesis Committee will be selected by the student in conjunction with his or her research advisor. The student must schedule PHYS 600 for two semester hours and PHYS 795 for at least two semester hours.

    IV. Comprehensive Examination

    The student must pass a comprehensive examination.

    V. Free Electives

    The student may complete the 30-hour requirement by choosing from among the offerings of the School of Graduate Studies and Research, with the advice and approval of the student’s graduate advisor.