MEd in Literacy and or Reading Specialist Certification

  • The M.Ed. in Literacy is a graduate program housed in the Department of Professional Studies in Education. This degree is offered to educators certified in teaching who are pursuing graduate studies in reading and literacy theories, research, and instructional practices.

    The M.Ed. in Literacy requires thirty-six credits. Students may also receive a Reading Specialist Certification by completion of twenty-seven credits within the master’s program from categories A-C. Students may pursue a thesis option, enrolling for a six-credit thesis, LTCY 795, omitting the requirements of one of the research classes from section D. (Research) and an elective from section E.

    Admission Criteria

    Applicants to the program must meet the requirements for admission to the School of Graduate Studies and Research and must meet the following criteria:

    An applicant must hold a teaching certificate and have a cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or one that is commensurate with the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

    Program Requirements

    A. Literacy (21 cr.)

    LTCY 600 Foundations of Literacy Instruction 3 cr.
    LTCY 644 Issues and Trends in the Language Arts 3 cr.
    LTCY 701 Assessment and Acceleration 3 cr.
    LTCY 702 Reading and Writing in the Content Areas 3 cr.
    LTCY 705 Organization and Administration of Reading/Writing Programs 3 cr.
    LTCY 770 Practicum and Seminar for Reading Specialists I 3 cr.
    LTCY 771 Practicum and Seminar for Reading Specialists II 3 cr.

    B. Diversity (3 cr.)

    LTCY 635 Literacy in Inclusive Classrooms 3 cr.

    C. Related Area (3 cr.)

    LTCY 607 Instruction and Learning with Literature 3 cr.

    D. Research 6 cr. (3 cr. if selecting thesis option)

    GSR 615 Elements of Research 3 cr.
    LTCY 698 Analysis of Research in Literacy 3 cr.

    E. Electives 3 cr. (omit if selecting thesis option)

    EDSP 747 Psychology of Adolescent Education 3 cr.
    ENGL 518 Adolescent Literature  3 cr.
    LTCY 648 Creativity and the Elementary School Child 3 cr.
    LTCY 697 Seminar in Reading 3 cr.
    LTCY 699 Independent Study in Reading Education 3 cr.
    ENGL 690 Writing as a Way of Learning* 3 cr.

    Other current graduate courses that address literacy, learning, or reading/writing could be applicable as an elective.

    * With special permission from coordinator