Courses and Course Policies

  • Course Auditing
    Rules related to graduate course auditing. 
    Course Numbering
    Graduate-level course number system information.
    Course Overlap in Degree Programs
    Guidelines about using the same course for credit in two different IUP graduate degree programs.
    Course Repeat Policy
    Graduate students may repeat “C” or “F” grades according to the Course Repeat Policy. 
    Dual Level Courses
    Information about courses for which undergraduate and graduate students can enroll.
    Final Credits Policy
    Degree candidates must complete their program’s final six credits of graduate work in courses offered by IUP. 
    Grading System
    Grades used in reporting graduate student standing at the end of each semester.
    Independent Study
    (see Special Credits)
    Special Credits Policy
    Special credits are defined as those earned through Independent Study, Individualized Instruction, Special Topics courses, workshops, or any combination therein.