D.Ed. in School Psychology

  • The doctoral program is designed to enhance the competencies of the school psychologist and to allow the student to gain advanced skills in research and broad-based skills reflective of a generalist school psychologist.

    For all doctoral students, the majority of the advanced doctoral courses are completed in two to three summers following the completing of the certification in school psychology. In addition to seminars in advanced issues in assessment and intervention, the core courses include two advanced research courses and courses emphasizing applied clinical skills.

    Doctoral students take a three-credit practicum, a six-credit school-based internship (1,300 hours), and a nine-credit dissertation to complete the doctoral degree. Half of a student’s total school psychology doctoral internship must be completed in a school setting.

    Both the specialist-level and doctoral programs are accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

    Admissions Criteria

    Students who are progressing successfully through the master’s program may apply for the specialist (certification) program or directly to the doctoral program. Students who are accepted as doctoral students may enroll in selected doctoral-required courses as they progress through the certification program. It is expected that the majority of the doctoral requirements will be completed in the two summers following the specialist-level internship to maintain program continuity. A student who has a lapse in program enrollment without faculty approval may be required to reapply to the program.

    Special admission and program planning procedures have been developed so that employed school psychologists, certified through a fully accredited university training program, may be admitted to the doctoral program. In addition to the completed application forms, undergraduate and graduate transcripts, two letters of recommendation (one of which must be from a direct supervisor), and GRE scores, the student must present evidence of obtaining a passing grade on the School Psychology Praxis Exam. Upon admission, these students must undergo a transcript review and candidacy exam to evaluate their past training and current competencies. Based on the transcript review, the candidacy exam, and observation of their clinical skills in EDSP 949 (Practicum II), a plan of study is developed. Additional courses beyond those required in the doctoral course sequence may be needed to fill gaps in the student’s training or competence.

    Candidates for the certification program for supervisor of pupil services who are not matriculating as doctoral students in school psychology may apply directly to the School of Graduate Studies and Research for this program. Students in the doctoral program in school psychology do not need to submit a separate application for this program.

    Program Requirements

    Summer 1
    EDSP 964 Seminar in School Psychology I 3 credits
    EDSP 965 Seminar in School Psychology II 3 credits
    EDSP 977 Seminar in Family-School Relations 3 credits
    EDSP 966 Psychopharmacology of Children's Learning and Behavior 3 credits

    Summer 2
    EDSP 942 Neuropsychology of Children's Learning Disorders 3 credits
    EDSP 949 Practicum II 3 credits
    EDSP 915 Doctoral Seminar in Applied Educational Research 3 credits
    EDSP 978 Family Services for School-Related Problems of Children with Special Needs Disorders 3 credits
    EDSP 996 Dissertation 6 credits
    Summer 3
    EDSP 916 Doctoral Seminar in Advanced Educational Research 3 credits
    EDSP 952 Internship 6 credits
    Post-Comprehensive Examinations
    EDSP 995 Dissertation 3 credits

    Total: 42 credits

    Note: Students who enter the doctoral program having received their certification in school psychology from another university take an additional Practicum course (EDSP 949) and should take PSYC 836 or PSYC 858, PSYC 810, and EDSP 966 (Psych. Core) if similar courses are not part of their certification program per advisement of doctoral director. These students may also be required to take EDSP 817, depending on their performance on the candidacy examination (research section).