FDED: Foundations of Education

  • Department of Professional Studies in Education

    College of Education and Educational Technology

    FDED 514 Comparative Foundations of Education 3 cr.

    Educational theories and practices in different nations will be studied. Educational purposes, curriculum, methods, administration, school systems, teacher education, and other educational features in America will be analyzed, evaluated, and compared.

    FDED 581 Special Topics 3 cr.

    FDED 590 Improving Professional Practice in Instructional Settings 1-3 cr.


    FDED 591 Improving Professional Practice in Instructional Settings 1-3 cr.

    Reviews current research in instructional practices, motivational techniques, and professional issues. May focus on any of these aspects of teaching, learning, or professional practice. May be presented with a kindergarten through grade twelve, elementary, middle school, secondary, or adult orientation. Offered only for continuous professional development and may not be applied toward a graduate degree. Prerequisite: Appropriate teaching certificate or other professional credential or preparation.

    FDED 595 International Education Studies Program 3 cr.

    A travel-seminar conducted in a foreign country and designed to afford educators and students of education the opportunity to investigate teaching-learning process in cultural settings other than their own. Particular attention to such current educational issues as theories of curriculum development, methodology, teacher education, and changing value systems.

    FDED 611 Historical Foundations of Education 3 cr.

    Study of historical development of American education. European influences on philosophies and practices of American schools will serve as a background. Emphasis on development of education in America as influenced by various individuals and schools of thought. Historical trends will be related to current problems and practices in education.

    FDED 612 Philosophical Foundations of Education 3 cr.

    Analysis and evaluation of basic philosophies and their impact upon education. Nature, value, means, and ends of education and some other fundamental phases of schooling will be thoroughly examined. Stress on essentials enhancing an individual working philosophy of education and on basic ideas heightening a sound philosophy for American schools.

    FDED 613 Social Foundations of Education 3 cr.

    Social and cultural forces which influence education. Particular stress on current problems as they relate to entire educational systems and to curricular problems and practices in today’s schools.

    FDED 699 Independent Study 1-6 cr.