BLAW: Business Law

  • Department of Finance and Legal Studies

    Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    BLAW 539 Energy Law 3 cr.

    Designed to give students an understanding of fundamental energy law including oil and gas law. Includes analysis of Natural Resource Leases & Contracts, Rights and Ownership of the mineral estate, Law of capture, Contracts, Clauses and Covenants of the oil and gas lease, Oil and Gas Operating Agreements, Title and Conveyance of Oil and Gas Leases, Pooling and Utilization on Private and Federal Lands, Easements and Right of Ways in connection with natural resource exploration, Environmental Considerations and Impacts of Natural Resource drilling and exploration, The Legal Structure of the Energy Industry, (Public Utility Holding Company Act, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) Land Use restrictions and Eminent Domain. Prerequisite: BLAW 633 

    BLAW 581 Special Topics in Business Law 1-3 cr.

    Covers advanced or exploratory topics within the discipline. Specific content developed by the instructor. Content will vary, depending upon the interests of the instructor and students’ need and demand for the advanced or exploratory topic. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor and the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology graduate coordinator.

    BLAW 633 Case Problems in Business Law 3 cr.

    Deals with solution of case problems as applied to various topics in the field of business law. Prerequisite: BLAW 235 or equivalent.