ARED: Art Education

  • Department of Art

    College of Fine Arts

    ARED 640 Curriculum Theory and Practice 3 cr.

    This course consists of the study of theories about curriculum in a general sense and as it applies to art education. Students will explore curriculum building and assessment related to contemporary art education issues. MA students will consider a future art-teaching situation when designing curricula.

    ARED 710 Teaching Art History 3 cr.

    This course explores current theories and issues in the teaching of art history in schools. The emphasis is on the paradigm shifts that have occurred in the last ten years in the field of art history, the contrasts of these approaches with more traditional theories, as well as the implications of these changes for art teachers. The emergence of contemporary resources, such as virtual museums and galleries, will be explored. Development of lesson plans, a curricular unit, and assessment tools, incorporating art history and museum and/or gallery experiences are central to the course.