Certificate of Recognition in e-Learning

  • The Certificate of Recognition in e-Learning is a fifteen-credit program designed for educators and curriculum developers across multiple settings. The COR focuses on the design, delivery, and evaluation of high quality e-learning materials that are used for both fully online and blended learning environments. Candidates gain employment in business and industry, K-12, and higher education as organizations work to optimize the use of telecommunications technologies to enhance individual and collaborative learning.

    Program Objectives

    After completing the Certificate of Recognition Program in e-Learning, the student will be able to: 

    1. Provide a broad understanding of the development, delivery, and management of e-learning. 
    2. Work collaboratively on complex and realistic projects for practical use in training or school environments. 
    3. 3. Create Web-based instructional products that incorporate multimedia and hypermedia techniques and applications.
    4. 4. Deliver and assess e-learning programs for students in academic environments and the workforce.

    Admission requirements

    Students seeking admission to the COR program must have earned an undergraduate degree in business from an accredited college/university. Further, those seeking admission must have an undergraduate business degree or have completed business core courses from an accredited community college or college/university. All course pre-requisites must be met.

    Program Requirements

    All students will be required to successfully complete a total of fifteen credits of courses. All course pre-requisites must be met. The COR will include a combination of in-class and online course offerings.

    BTST 542– Training Methods in Business and Information Technology Support (3 cr )
    BTST 675 – Web Design Theory and Application (3 cr )
    BTED/COMM 609 – Innovations in E-learning (3 cr )
    BTST 642 – Training and Development in Business/Workforce Development (3 cr)

    One of the following courses:
    BTST 655 – Emerging Information Technologies (3 cr )
    BTST 680 – Technical Update 3 cr