Master of Education in Early Childhood Education

  • (currently not open to new applicants)

    This three-year, part-time program is specifically designed for practicing teachers who are seeking an advanced degree and specialized certificate in the teaching of young children (pre-kindergarten through third grade). Students take one course each fall, one each spring, and two during the summer for a total of 12 credits per year. During years one and two, teachers who are already certified to teach in another educational field (e.g., Elementary Education, Special Education, Art, or Music Education) earn the 24 credits for an Instructional II Certificate in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and add an early childhood endorsement (nursery school through third grade) to their credentials. During year three of the program, students earn the remaining 12 credits required for a 36-semester-hour, non-thesis Master’s in Early Childhood Education. (Not available on the Indiana campus)

    Program Requirements

    Year One (12 cr.)

    LTCY 648 Creativity and the Elementary School Child (early childhood section) 3 cr.
    ECED 764 Early Childhood Curriculum 3 cr.
    ECED 760 Child Study and Assessment 3 cr.
    ELED 743 Resource Materials in Elementary Science 3 cr.

    Year Two (12 cr.)

    ECED 765 Issues and Trends in Early Childhood Education 3 cr.
    ELMA 655 Mathematics for Early Childhood 3 cr.
    ELED 755 Developmental Influences on Children’s Learning 3 cr.
    LTCY 644 Issues and Trends in the Language Arts (early childhood section) 3 cr.

    Year Three (12 cr.)

    GSR 615 Elements of Research 3 cr.
    EDEX 515 Preschool Education for Children with Disabilities 3 cr.
    ECED 761 History and Philosophy of Early Childhood Education 3 cr.
    HMEC 526 Techniques of Parent Education 3 cr.

    Total 36 cr.