MEd in Education

  • This 36-credit, team-taught program is structured to address the educational needs of several types of graduate students who enter and proceed through the program as a cohort. The program’s integrated curriculum is designed to prepare educators to be research oriented and to be more effective and innovative in classrooms, in schools, and in communities.

    The six Thematic Units of 6 credits each include Community and Culture, Instruction and the Learner, Teacher as Researcher, Educational Change and Technology, Curriculum and Instruction, and Teacher as Leader. The program requires Internet access, which is available at IUP at no charge to students.

    I. Required Thematic Units (36 cr.)

    MEDU 761 Community and Culture 6 cr.
    MEDU 762 Instruction in the Inclusive Classroom 6 cr.
    MEDU 763 Teacher as Researcher 6 cr.
    MEDU 764 Educational Change and Technology 6 cr.
    MEDU 765 Curriculum and Instruction 6 cr.
    MEDU 766 Teacher as Leader 6 cr.