MGMT: Management

  • Department of Management

    Eberly College of Business and Information Technology

    MGMT 500 Compensation Management 3 cr.

    Studies the policies and programs that help managers design and administer compensation systems for private- and public-sector enterprises. Includes motivation theories and practice in designing of compensation systems. Prerequisite: MGMT 300 or equivalent.

    MGMT 501 Management Development and Training 3 cr.

    Principles, problems, and procedures in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling all aspects of training and development programs in business enterprise. Methods of improving and development of managerial skills are emphasized. Prerequisites: MGMT 300, 310, or equivalent of both.

    MGMT 503 Small Business Planning 3 cr.

    Integrates the content of much of the business core and relates it to the business planning for small businesses and entrepreneurial efforts. The student will be introduced to the concepts which will support the development of an effective business and marketing plan.

    MGMT 505 Organizational Staffing 3 cr.

    Focuses on the “staffing” or “employment” subsystem of the human resource management function and deals with the theoretical, technical, administrative, and legal issues involved in the recruitment, selection, placement, transfer, and promotion of individuals by organizations. Topics covered include human resource planning, job analysis, job descriptions and job specifications, recruitment and selection processes, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action, reliability and validity of selection instruments and techniques, and contemporary issues in selection. Prerequisites: MGMT 300 and MATH 214 or equivalent of both.

    MGMT 534 Quality Management 3 cr.

    Emphasizes the philosophy that quality is an organization-wide phenomenon that influences every aspect of operations. An overview of current quality management philosophies and tools and techniques for managing quality in any organization. Prerequisite: MATH 214 or equivalent.

    MGMT 537 Supply Chain Management 3 cr.

    Deals with the design and evaluation of supply chain systems with a focus on strategic and technological issues. These concepts will be developed through exploration of contemporary practices, case studies, and research as analytical frameworks of Supply Chain Management. Theoretical and practical understanding of manufacturing and service planning and control, including systems modeling, purchasing and sourcing, logistics, strategic alliances, inventory management, scheduling, etc. Manufacturing and service technologies and trends are also emphasized. Computer applications are used for understanding the interrelationships between various components of Operations System. Prerequisite: MGMT 330 or equivalent.

    MGMT 551 International Management 3 cr.

    Provides a general foundation on managing multinational corporations (MNCs). Examines the macro- and structural-level issues of MNCs. Focuses on planning, organization structure, managerial decision making, and human resource management in global structures and differences between MNCs and domestic organizations. Prerequisite: MGMT 310 or equivalent.

    MGMT 554 International Competitiveness 3 cr.

    The study of the most important challenges that face nations and firms alike in gaining or restoring competitiveness. Focuses on factors that determine the success of nations and their firms in highly dynamic world markets. Various theories, models, and cases dealing with competitive advantage are examined. Prerequisite: MGMT 350 or equivalent.

    MGMT 571 Organizational Launch and New Venture Development 3 cr.

    Student teams write and present business plans for new ventures. The emphasis of this intensively interactive and uniquely structured course is on applying concepts and techniques studied in various functional areas to the new venture development environment. In preparing the business plan, students learn to screen for effective venture ideas, identify and define the fundamental issues relevant to the new venture, identify the venture’s market niche and define its business strategy, and determine what type of financing should be raised—how, when, by whom, and how much. A solid understanding of business basics is required. Actual business plans are used to address these issues. Prerequisite: MGMT 310.

    MGMT 572 Organizational Entrepreneurship 3 cr.

    One of the most consistent patterns in business is the failure of leading companies to stay atop their industries when technologies or markets change. There are a variety of reasons for this, including bureaucracy, poor planning, not-invented-here syndrome, etc., but there are no guarantees in today’s high-tech industries of continued success for the leaders. This class will explore the “hows” and “whys” some companies are able to retain their competitive edge and others are not. Prerequisite: MGMT 310 or equivalent.

    MGMT 581 Special Topics in Management 1-3 cr.

    Covers advanced or exploratory topics within the discipline. Specific content is developed by the instructor. Content will vary, depending upon the interests of the instructor and the students’ need and demand for the advanced or exploratory topic. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and Eberly College of Business and Information Technology graduate coordinator.

    MGMT 613 Organizational Analysis 3 cr.

    An integrative course oriented toward an empirical analysis of the phenomena and theories of large, complex, formal organizations. Intergroup phenomena are also treated as they pertain to the larger organization. Special study is made of the organization as an economic, decision-making, bureaucratic, and political system. The analysis and design of organizations are viewed from a number of perspectives, including classical theory and case analysis, to illustrate and extend the major topics of the course. Prerequisite: MGMT 310.

    MGMT 623 Seminar in Personnel 3 cr.

    Designed to offer the MBA student the opportunity to research, study, and discuss various theories, principles, concepts, and issues of current interest to business and personnel managers. The case method will be emphasized, and the focus or theme of the seminar may be different each time it is offered. Prerequisite: MGMT 613.

    MGMT 635 Seminar in Management and Organizational Leadership 3 cr.

    Studies of theory and research in the leadership of groups and organizations with application to the management fields of business, industry, and labor. The debate, research, and study of controversial leadership issues of current interest to management and preparation of a research paper by the student in his/her occupational interest area are required. Prerequisite: MGMT 613.

    MGMT 637 Operations Management 3 cr.

    Acquaints the student with a broad range of strategic, tactical, design, and operating (day-to-day) decisions within the operations function in both service-providing and goods-producing businesses. Emphasis will be on the new paradigm of operations management with focus on current technologies, concepts, philosophies, and managerial practices. Students will obtain a comprehensive insight on a wide variety of topics, including management of quality, productivity, technology, and inventory, product and process design, facility location and layout, project management, service, and manufacturing management.

    MGMT 650 International Business 3 cr.

    Provides the student with the knowledge needed for operating effectively in a global economy. Examines the operations of firms functioning in the global market place. Focuses on how these companies function in a globally integrated economy through sophisticated networks of alliances, mergers and acquisitions, and integrated systems of knowledge and product flows. The course highlights the necessity for companies to balance the need for global integration while responding to national/cultural variations.

    MGMT 651 International Management 3 cr.

    Study of theories and problems of management in multinational corporations (MNCs). Examines the macro- and structural-level issues of MNCs. Focuses on planning, organization structure, managerial decision making, human resource management in global structures, and differences between MNCs and domestic organizations.

    MGMT 681 Special Topics in Management 3 cr.

    Covers advanced or exploratory topics within the discipline. Specific content developed by instructor. Content will vary, depending upon the interests of instructor and students, with instructor choosing specific topics. May be repeated by specific approval. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor and of the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology graduate coordinator.

    MGMT 695 Business Policy 3 cr.

    Provides the graduate student an opportunity to utilize, integrate, and apply the theories, concepts, principles, and tools acquired during his/her business education (accounting, finance, marketing, management, management information systems, statistics, etc.) to real-world business problems and situations. Utilizes lectures, case studies, library research, field research, simulations, role playing, group decision making, and other strategic planning exercises. Prerequisite: 15 hours of graduate business courses.

    MGMT 698 MBA Internship 1.5 or 3 cr.

    A planned, field-based, individually designed, and faculty-supervised work experience to enhance the student’s professional competence in Business Administration and selected functional area. Maximum of 3 credits can be applied towards MBA electives. Prerequisites: Completion of 15 graduate credits and approval of department chair and graduate coordinator.

    MGMT 699 Independent Study in Management 1-3 cr.

    With the approval of the department, students will select one or more topics of critical importance in the field and will meet with faculty for independent reading, analysis, and evaluation. Prerequisite: Approval of department chairperson and Eberly College of Business and Information Technology graduate coordinator.

    MGMT 795 Thesis 4-6 cr.

    For students writing the thesis, MGMT 795 should be scheduled for the semester in which they plan to complete their work. The thesis is a committee thesis (4-6 cr.), for which the student’s advisor, two additional faculty members, the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology graduate coordinator, and/or the representative of the dean of the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology may constitute the committee.