HSAD: Health Services Administration

  • Department of Employment and Labor Relations

    College of Health and Human Services

    NURS/HSAD 555 Health Care Informatics 3 cr.

    An introductory and overview course in the application of the disciplines of health sciences, computer science, and information science in collecting, processing, and managing information to promote decision making in health care.

    HSAD 605 Epidemiology in Health Services Administration 3 cr.

    Addresses the concepts and methods of epidemiology as they apply to a variety of health events. Examines concepts of epidemiology, identifies data sources, and interprets epidemiological research findings. Issues in the application of epidemiology to health services administration are addressed.

    HSAD 609 Ethics and Social Issues in Healthcare 3 cr.

    Explores ethical imperatives as they apply to the provision of health services in the twenty-first century. Selected ethical frameworks provide the structure to analyze emerging cultural and societal issues impacting the delivery of health care services. The provision of health services to vulnerable populations, as well as rural health issues, will be of particular interest.

    ELR/HSAD 610 Employee Rights under Law 3 cr.

    Provides a review of the major legislative rights and benefits available to employees under law in terms of their impact on labor and management in the employment relationship. The main focus will be the analysis and application of state and federal employment laws.

    NURS/HSAD 614 Health Policy 3 cr.

    Focuses on the legislative, regulatory, and political processes that impact health services in the United States. Students will examine their role in health policy development at the federal, state, and local levels. Selected policies will be analyzed for their effect on health care delivery. The influence of U.S. policy on the health of those in other countries will be explored.

    ELR/HSAD 616 Health Law 3 cr.

    Focuses on legal language, tort law, legal issues, and legal sanctions of state and national health care laws as applied to individuals and organizations. Through lectures, discussions, readings, and presentations, students will learn to solve problems of health care administration within the current health care legal system and develop an understanding of the legal issues present within the current health care field.

    ELR/HSAD 619 Advanced Research in Employment Relations and Health Services Administration 3 cr.

    Provides students with the advanced knowledge needed to understand the process of research development, effectively evaluate research studies, interpret common statistical information, use the statistical package for social sciences, and develop and execute a research project.

    ELR/HSAD 631 Human Resources Management in the Public Sector 3 cr.

    Provides students with an in-depth analysis of human resource management with a special examination of public sector organizations. Emphasizes the job functions and issues facing the human resource professional and organizations. Course topics include the current environment in human resources, the acquisition and preparation of human resources, the assessment and development of Human Resource Management (HRM), the strategies involved in compensation administration, and collective bargaining and labor relations issues in the public sector.

    NURS/HSAD 730 Financial Management in Health Care 3 cr.

    Provides an opportunity for students to examine the financial decision-making processes used by health care administrators. Emphasis will be on understanding health care payment systems, assessing and developing financial plans, and making financial decisions in a variety of health care settings.

    ELR/HSAD 751 Conflict Resolution 3 cr.

    Provides students with in-depth analysis of conflict resolution in many settings, primarily in the employment relationship. The student will be exposed to the current environment surrounding conflict resolution; the legal, ethical, and emotional issues that are common in disputes; and the format by which employment disputes are resolved.

    HSAD 761 Health Services Administration Practicum 3 cr.

    This capstone course provides a culminating educational experience. Working with a mentor in a health service organization, the student is required to design, implement, and evaluate a project utilizing the skills and knowledge acquired through the Health Services Administration program and reflecting professional values and critical thinking developed during the course of study.

    HSAD 795 Thesis 3-6 cr.