ELR: Employment and Labor Relations

  • Department of Employment and Labor Relations

    College of Health and Human Services

    ELR 526/* Case Studies in Labor-Management Relations 3 cr.

    Study of labor-management relationships in a variety of organizational settings through utilization of the case study technique.

    ELR 581 Special Topics in Employment and Labor Relations 3 cr.

    According to student demand, special graduate course on selected topics.

    ELR/HSAD 610 Employee Rights under Law 3 cr.

    Provides a review of the major legislative rights and benefits available to employees under law in terms of their impact on labor and management in the employment relationship. The main focus will be the analysis and application of state and federal employment laws.

    ELR 612 Labor Relations Practice and Administration 3 cr.

    Practice and administration of labor relations, focusing on the operation and internal relationships of the individuals involved and upon the application of labor relations skills.

    ELR 613 Fundamentals of the American Labor Movement: Theory and Practice 3 cr.

    Introduction to terms, theories, and practice of employment and labor relations in the United States.

    ELR 615 Dispute Settlement 3 cr.

    Review of the theories underlying and legislation supporting labor arbitration, emphasizing development of advocacy skills through simulations of actual disputes.

    ELR/HSAD 616 Health Law 3 cr.

    Focuses on legal language, tort law, legal issues, and legal sanctions of state and national health care laws as applied to individuals and organizations. Through lectures, discussions, readings, and presentations, students will learn to solve problems of health care administration within the current health care legal system and develop an understanding of the legal issues present within the current health care field.

    ELR 618 Seminar: Current Issues in Employment and Labor Relations 3 cr.

    Detailed examination of current professional issues in the field.

    ELR/HSAD 619 Advanced Research in Employment Relations and Health Services Administration 3 cr.

    Provides students with the advanced knowledge needed to understand the process of research development, effectively evaluate research studies, interpret common statistical information, use the statistical package for social sciences, and develop and execute a research project.

    ELR 621 Labor Relations in the Public Sector 3 cr.

    Developments in federal, state, and local labor relations, including Presidential orders and federal agencies; survey of the states; Pennsylvania Acts 111 and 195; effects of public sector fact-finding; and arbitration.

    ELR 622 Discrimination in Employment 3 cr.

    Investigation of employment discrimination in the United States with special attention to the roles of government, industry, and labor and the impact of federal intervention since 1960.

    ELR 624 Comparative Labor Relations 3 cr.

    International dimensions of labor relations are explored by examining the labor-management relations in a foreign country or region.

    ELR 625 Processes of Collective Bargaining 3 cr.

    Survey of current laws, principles, and procedures in use in modern collective bargaining and evolving trends.

    ELR/HSAD 631 Human Resources Management in the Public Sector 3 cr.

    Provides students with an in-depth analysis of human resource management with a special examination of public sector organizations. Emphasizes the job functions and issues facing the human resource professional and organizations. Course topics include the current environment in human resources, the acquisition and preparation of human resources, the assessment and development of Human Resource Management (HRM), the strategies involved in compensation administration, and collective bargaining and labor relations issues in the public sector.

    ELR 632 Compensation Administration 3 cr.

    Study of the field of compensation management and benefits administration in the public and private sectors. Special emphasis on the input of collective bargaining in the development and administration of compensation and benefit systems and the necessary skills to function as a professional in the field.

    ELR 640 Negotiations 3 cr.

    A course on negotiations theory and practice which applies negotiations strategies from a variety of fields in hands-on simulations of collective bargaining in labor relations.

    ELR 641 Contract Administration 3 cr.

    Analysis of the practices and responsibilities of labor and management in the mutual performance of a collective bargaining agreement with primary attention given to the process of grievance resolution.

    ELR 642 Concerted Activity 3 cr.

    Examines the various strategies and tactics available to the parties in confrontational situations. Emphasizes the statutory limitations set forth in the Labor Management Relations Act relating to topics such as picketing, consumer appeals, and boycotts.

    ELR 650 Alternative Work Styles 3 cr.

    Review of efforts to increase worker participation in certain levels of managerial decision making in private and public production or service enterprise, through shares in ownership, seats on boards, quality circles, and other participative structures. Results are considered from the point of view of productivity, worker satisfaction, and social utility.

    ELR 681 Special Topics in Employment and Labor Relations 3 cr.

    According to student demand, special graduate courses on selected topics.

    ELR 698 Internship 3 or 6 cr.

    Field experience in employment and labor relations. An internship log and term paper are required.

    ELR 699 Independent Study 3 cr.

    Students select one or more topics of critical importance in employment and labor relations and meet with faculty member for independent reading, analysis, and evaluation. Prerequisite: Approval of department chairperson, college dean, and provost.

    ELR/HSAD 751 Conflict Resolution 3 cr.

    Provides students with an in-depth analysis of conflict resolution in many settings, primarily in the employment relationships. The student will be exposed to the current environment surrounding conflict resolution; the legal, ethical, and emotional issues that are common in disputes; and the format by which employment disputes are resolved.

    ELR 795 Thesis 1 to 6 cr.

    For students writing the thesis, ELR 850 should be scheduled for the semester in which they plan to complete their work. The thesis is a committee thesis (1 to 6 semester hours).

    *Indicates dual-listed class