ART: Art

  • Department of Art

    College of Fine Arts

    ART 557 Graduate Studio in Print Media 3-18 cr.

    Exploration of print media from a conceptual and technical perspective, including traditional and nontraditional approaches. The student may concentrate on intensive exploration of one medium in depth or explore a number of media for breadth of experience. This course is designed for both beginning and advanced students. Prerequisite: Graduate art student standing.

    ART 559 Graduate Studio in Fibers 3-18 cr.

    Fundamentals of fiber construction and processes. Emphasis on experimental approaches to fiber design and construction. Designed to meet the needs of beginning as well as advanced students.

    ART 560 Graduate Studio in Jewelry and Metals 3-18 cr.

    Advanced study dealing with specialized problems in design and execution of metal work and jewelry. A thesis may be developed, depending on research in one of the areas relating to this field: history, materials, tools, processes, or teaching techniques of the craft.

    ART 572 Graduate Studio in Ceramics 3-18 cr.

    All aspects of hand forming, decorating, glazing, and firing will be dealt with. This may include body and glaze formulation and reduction, oxidation, salt, wood, and raku firing, as well as thrown, coiled, or slab construction or combinations thereof. Includes historic and contemporary ceramics and philosophies of the craft. Prerequisite: At least one year of undergraduate ceramics.

    ART 573 Graduate Studio in Sculpture 3-18 cr.

    An advanced course in which students are expected to work on challenging problems in sculpture. A student may explore one or several sculpture or modeling media.

    ART 574 Graduate Studio in Oil Painting 3-18 cr.

    Traditional and contemporary methods and techniques in the area of plastic painting media. Composition in relation to modern painters’ problems. Opportunity is presented for exploration and specialization in depth as well as breadth.

    ART 575 Graduate Studio in Drawing 3-18 cr.

    Drawing as a language and continued development of skill in communication and expression in all kinds of materials and media. Drawing as an intimate work of the artist will be expressed.

    ART 576 Graduate Studio in Woodworking 3-18 cr.

    Specialized study and experiences in the design and execution of problems relating to wood as a crafts material. Opportunity is presented to more intensively explore materials and processes of this craft employing both hand and power tools.

    ART 581 Special Topics 3 cr.

    ART 610 Creative Inquiry: Visual Concepts 3 cr.

    This core studio course will explore multi-disciplinary studio strategies of contemporary themes and concepts. Topics will examine important recurring issues that motivate current artistic practice beyond traditional media and genre. Students will investigate differing concepts and approaches through the student’s chosen media toward developing a personal research direction. 

    ART 611 Creative Inquiry: Inter-Media Contexts 3 cr.

    This core studio course will investigate contemporary practices in the use of hybrid or cross media approaches to create art. This course is intended to expand the student’s notion of disciplinary ideas and strategies and reflect upon current professional practices that blends a variety of media or creates new hybrid forms of work that draw upon various disciplinary strategies.

    ART 612 Expanded Drawing 3 cr.

    This graduate-level studio course uses the media of drawing to explore the student’s artistic concepts and research interests across two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and time-based media. Reflecting contemporary art practices, students will investigate expanded definitions of conventional drawing techniques relative to contemporary art and culture.

    ART 615 Art Seminar 3 cr.

    Opportunities for students to conduct in-depth explorations of contemporary trends/issues in Studio Art and to develop proficiency in the area of art criticism. Course content and methods will include writing, verbalization, group discussion, attendance at regional exhibitions, and development of thesis/exhibition proposals. For M.A. candidates only.

    ART 620 Art and Visual Culture 3 cr.

    Students will explore the historical influences and current research in visual studies and visual culture studies. Students will develop verbal and written responses to these subjects, and look to potential art-making strategies that integrate concepts related to visual culture.

    ART 630 Critical Practice 3 cr.

    Critical Practice is developed to assist graduate students to acquire art criticism concepts and skills. Through oral and written discourse, students will deepen their understanding of art. Students will increase their understanding and ability to engage in the critical process.

    ART 740 M.A. Exhibition 3 cr.

    This course will provide a culminating experience to publicly exhibit and orally defend the student’s M.A. Project. It is a practice-oriented course in professional practices, exhibition installation and curatorial practice. 

    ART 680 Graduate Studio Critique 3 cr.

    A multidisciplinary course for studio majors seeking the M.A. and M.F.A. degrees. Selected studio faculty and all graduate students will meet weekly to critique work and projects in progress. Enables students with techniques for leading and participating in the group critique process as a vehicle for growth and understanding. Prerequisite: Graduate student standing.

    ART 681 Special Topics 3 cr.

    ART 698 Internship 3 cr.

    ART 699 Independent Study 3 cr.

    ART 795 Thesis 3 cr.

    Studio courses may be taken for a total of 18 semester hours in one studio. No more than six semester hours in one studio may be taken during one semester.