ANTH: Anthropology

  • Department of Anthropology

    College of Humanities and Social Sciences

    ANTH 514/* Native Americans 3 cr.

    Survey of culture history and culture area characteristics of the Indians of North America. Detailed study of representative groups related to historical, functional, and ecological concepts.

    ANTH 515/* Cultural Resource Management 3 cr.

    Provides an understanding of how cultural resources are being preserved and managed under current American laws and regulations with particular emphasis on historic properties, such as historic buildings and archaeological sites. Case studies and field trips are incorporated so that students gain a thorough understanding of key problems and issues in historic preservation and cultural resource management. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

    ANTH 520 Archaeological Field School 6 cr.

    Introduction to archaeological survey, field excavation, and laboratory processing. Field school students participate in one or more of the ongoing research projects of the IUP Archaeology Program.

    ANTH 556/* Ethnographic Research Methods 3 cr.

    Examination of methods and practice of qualitative and quantitative research. Course emphasizes techniques for conducting ethnographic research, participant observation, ethical issues in social research, and the development of professionalism.

    ANTH 560/* Ethnographic Field School 6 cr.

    Ethnographic research training in the field. Emphasizes the application of qualitative research methods, the recording of data in research journals and the maintaining of field diaries, the categorizing and organizing of data, and the writing of research reports. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

    ANTH 581 Special Topics 3 cr.

    ANTH 584/* Specialized Methods in Archaeology 3 cr.

    Provides an opportunity to learn specialized techniques and approaches presently in use in archaeology. In any one semester, the course will concentrate on one of a range of possible themes. The specific topic varies but focuses on instructing in the mechanics of the selected technique, its application to real archaeological problems, and the interpretation of the results.

    ANTH 610 Archaeological Laws and Ethics 3 cr.

    Intensive examination of current legal and ethical issues involved in the practice of archaeology including an examination of laws affecting the excavation and study of archaeological sites and properties.

    ANTH 612 Seminar in Cultural Resource Management I: Method and Theory 3 cr.

    Discussion of the theory and methods involved in the current practice of cultural resource management and how these relate to the development of research designs, proposal writing, field strategies for archaeological survey and testing, and development of project budgets. Prerequisite: ANTH 610 or instructor permission.

    ANTH 616 Pre-Columbian North American Archaeology 3 cr.

    Covers the body of knowledge archaeologists have generated about the Pre-Columbian past of North America north of Mexico with emphasis on the Eastern Woodlands and explores significant substantive, theoretical, and methodological debates among archaeological scholars working in North America.

    ANTH 618 Historical Archaeology 3 cr.

    Provides an overview of historical archaeology, a discipline that combines the study of material culture with that of written documents as a means to gain an understanding of the peoples and cultures who lived during periods of recorded history. The course focuses on the United States since the sixteenth century, paying special attention to the contributions that historical archaeology has made to the understanding of Euro-American, Native American, and African-American peoples.

    ANTH 625 Public Archaeology 3 cr.

    Focuses on methods and theory of presenting archaeology to the public with special emphasis on recent scholarship and on national and regional styles of doing public archaeology. Students learn skills for designing and presenting programs about archaeology to a variety of audiences.

    ANTH 694/* Anthropology Seminar 3 cr.

    Considers conceptual problems and definitions in anthropology. Formulations of a variety of research problems central in anthropology emphasized.

    ANTH 698 Internship 3 cr.

    Involves a supervised experience, either on or off campus, in organizations utilizing archaeological skills in public or private settings. These settings include cultural resource management companies, government agencies, private, nonprofit organizations, tribal governments, and museums but may not be a student’s normal place of employment, as the internship is an opportunity to expand experience in the field of applied archaeology. Prerequisites: 18 hours of graduate credit and permission of the graduate coordinator.

    ANTH 699 Independent Study 3 cr.

    ANTH 714 Seminar in Cultural Resource Management II: Analysis and Interpretation 3 cr.

    Discussion of the theory and methods involved in the current practice of cultural resource management and how these relate to data analysis and interpretation of survey and testing projects, assessment of site significance, development of research strategies for excavation projects, and report writing. Prerequisite: ANTH 612 or instructor permission.

    ANTH 720 Issues in Historic Preservation 3 cr.

    Designed to examine the history, theory, and current issues of preservation practice in the United States. Will discuss theories of what, how, and why we preserve, within the context of the evolution of the field of historic preservation. The focus will be on exploring current issues in the field of history preservation and the role of applied archaeology. Prerequisite: ANTH 612 or instructor permission.

    ANTH 730 Archaeology of Pennsylvania 3 cr.

    Detailed examination of the archaeology of Pennsylvania and surrounding states from the initial colonization by humans through the nineteenth century, with special emphasis on the culture history, cultural ecology, and ethno-history, as well as vernacular and industrial site archaeology. Prerequisites: ANTH 616 and ANTH 618 or instructor permission.

    ANTH 740 Advanced Archaeological Field Methods 3-6 cr.

    Advanced instruction in survey and excavation field methods and technology, with an emphasis on the application of research designs to field settings, and the logistics of supervising field projects. Prerequisites: Undergraduate field school and ANTH 612 or instructor permission.

    ANTH 745 Seminar in Archaeological Interpretation 3 cr.

    Focuses on the quantitative and qualitative interpretation of an archaeological project’s often varied data for the purpose of generating higher-level interpretations of past lifeways, sociopolitical processes, and culture change. Although the course includes a consideration and critique of the methods used to generate the data sets themselves, the emphasis is on how such data is used–and its potential for misuse–in interpretation. Prerequisites: ANTH 612, ANTH 714, or instructor permission.

    ANTH 795 Thesis 3-6 cr.

    All students will be required to complete a thesis which can be either in the form of a policy paper or a comprehensive report on an archaeological project. The policy paper would be developed during an internship at a state or federal agency. The report would result from a project conducted as part of an advanced field project. Prerequisite: Permission of the department graduate committee.

    *Indicates dual-listed class