ACE: Adult and Community Education

  • Department of Adult and Community Education

    College of Education and Educational Technology

    ACE 590 Improving Professional Practice in Instructional Settings 1-3 cr.


    ACE 591 Improving Professional Practice in Instructional Settings 1-3 cr.

    Reviews current research in instructional practices, motivational techniques, and professional issues. The course may focus on any of these aspects of teaching, learning, or professional practice. In addition, the course may be presented with a kindergarten through grade twelve, elementary, middle school, secondary, or adult orientation. This course is offered only for continuous professional development and may not be applied toward a graduate degree. Prerequisite: Appropriate teaching certificate or other professional credential or preparation.

    ACE 620 Introduction to Adult and Community Education 3 cr.

    A survey course which examines the fields of adult and community education philosophically and historically and in terms of current programs and processes. The course includes the study of adult and community education principles and concepts as well as available literature and resources.

    ACE 621 The Adult Learner 3 cr.

    This course focuses on the adult as learner, including physiological, psychological, and sociological characteristics and their effect on learning.

    ACE 622 Program and Process Development in Adult and Community Education 3 cr.

    A knowledge and skill-building course designed for present and future adult and community education practitioners. This how-to course examines concepts and practices relevant to the development of educational programs in traditional and nontraditional educational settings.

    ACE 623 Organization and Administration in Adult and Community Education 3 cr.

    This course introduces the student to basic theories of leadership management and organizational structure. It includes study and application of the tasks, tools, strategies, and leadership roles of adult and community education administrators. Prerequisite: Permission.

    ACE 625 Facilitating Adult Learning 3 cr.

    This course examines teaching and learning theories as they relate to adults: the teaching-learning process in a variety of educational settings; instructional methods, techniques, and devices which are effective with adults; and instructional designs and evaluative methods effective in the teaching-learning process. Prerequisite: Permission.

    ACE 650 Current Topics in Adult and Community Education 3 cr.

    Explores current issues, trends, and topics in depth in a workshop format. Topics will be selected by the faculty and announced in advance of the semester in which the course is to be offered. Topics may include issues in continuing higher education, volunteerism, adult career development, managing nonprofit organizations, group processes in adult education, and current issues in research. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

    ACE 681 Special Topics 3 cr.

    ACE 699 Independent Study in Adult and Community Education 1-3 cr.

    Independent study of a topic pertinent to an individual’s program of study. Permission of advisor and department chairperson required.

    ACE 735 Analysis of the Professional Literature in Adult and Community Education 3 cr.

    This course involves an intensive study of special topics in adult and community education with an emphasis on developing skills to conduct a systematic review of the literature in a specific area relevant to this field of study. Research content varies according to student interest. Prerequisite: Permission. 

    ACE 740 Internship in Adult and Community Education 6 cr.

    This is an individually designed field project in which students work with a site project advisor and a university advisor. The six-credit internship is a single project designed in two phases, each earning three credits. Prerequisite: Permission.

    ACE 745 Practical Research in Adult and Community Education 3 cr.

    Practical research in adult and community education is designed to have students conduct and report a formal research study in their field of interest. Students formulate a research problem and design a plan of inquiry that will provide an answer(s) to their stated research problem. Students must be able to interpret their research findings and communicate them both orally and in writing at a professional level. Prerequisite: Permission.

    ACE 750 Seminar: Technology and Adult Learning 3 cr.

    This course, by providing an advanced forum in which to research, discuss, and document current and emerging topics, issues, and applications in technology and adult learning (with special emphasis on distance learning), serves to synthesize these two fields of inquiry and offers students the opportunity to conceptualize and develop models and strategies for the integrated application of theory and practice learned in earlier courses. Literature reviews, topic analyses, and case studies are used to enhance awareness of critical issues and potential application in real-life settings. Prerequisites: At least twelve completed credits, six each in ACE and COMM courses, and advisor approval.

    ACE 795 Thesis 3 cr.

    Students selecting the thesis option will complete a thesis project with a committee consisting of at least three faculty members.