Dissertation, MFA Credit, Extended Credit Registration

  • Following completion of all course, language, and skill requirements and of the comprehensive examination requirement where applicable, doctoral and M.F.A. students must enroll for at least one credit of dissertation or thesis each semester (Fall/Spring).

    Once the student has registered for the number of dissertation credits required by their program of study (typically nine or twelve), or the number of thesis credits required by their program of study (typically three to six), she or he must register for one extended credit each semester (Fall and Spring) annually through the graduation of the student or until the time limit is exceeded (See Time Limitation Policy for doctoral or master’s students). For this period, the student will be considered a full-time doctoral or M.F.A. student.

    Until the dissertation or thesis is successfully defended, a grade of “R” will be assigned to each registered credit. Upon successful completion of the dissertation or thesis, the grade assigned by the dissertation or thesis director will apply to all registered dissertation or thesis credits, including the extended credits. Students must pay tuition and mandatory university fees for all credits (equal to the part-time mandatory fees), and may choose to pay the Wellness Fee.

    Grades earned for dissertation and thesis credits will remain part of the cumulative grade calculation; however, grades posted for extended credit registration will be excluded from the cumulative grade calculation.

    Note: The Continuous Dissertation policy has been in place since 1990. Students failing to register as directed by this policy will be registered by their program coordinator and billed accordingly. If it is the doctoral or M.F.A. student’s intent to “quit” the program, he/she should schedule an appointment with the graduate coordinator as soon as possible to avoid any further registration and subsequent assessment.