Counseling License Only Option

  • The License Only Option for admission is designed for individuals who need additional credits to meet state standards for licensure. In order to be eligible for the License Only Option, individuals need to have completed a minimum of a 36-credit-hour master’s degree and meet grandparenting criteria as outlined by the licensure board, or individuals need to have completed a minimum of a 48-credit master’s degree.

    Applicants should contact the department to have their transcript(s) evaluated in order to determine in which courses they could enroll. The final determination of course acceptability for licensure is made by the state licensing board. If a student has a question about a course being accepted for licensure or about meeting grandparenting criteria, he or she should contact the licensure board directly. Applicants for the “License Only” status must meet the same admissions requirements as degree-seeking applicants; these requirements include a minimum 3.5 graduate grade point average.