Geography, M.S.

  • Make Your Community Better through Engagement, Technology, and Planning

    Three tracks: GIS/Cartography, Regional Planning, Environmental Planning


    Geography and regional planning professor with student working in the field
    Our Approach to Graduate Education: SEEK

    Acquire the Skills

    The Geographic Information System/Cartography Track prepares you for geographic data management, map production, and geospatial analysis. The Planning Tracks prepare you with the theoretical, practical, and policy knowledge necessary for meaningful careers.

    Engage the Practice

    You’ll work with others to design, plan, and create better communities through project-based learning and direct engagement with local communities, regional organizations, and state agencies.

    Obtain the Experience

    Through detailed course work and active engagement, you’ll acquire the technical skills, relational abilities, and practical experience needed to operate successfully in a professional working environment. You can also use this opportunity to work in real-world situations through our internship program while you’re still in school and receive credit for the experience!

    Apply Your Knowledge

    With a graduate degree from the Department of Geography and Regional Planning, you’ll find employment opportunities in private firms, public agencies, and nonprofit associations engaged in community improvement, environmental compliance, energy development, and transportation planning. Our programs have also served well in preparing graduates for further academic study.

    Emphasis on Value

    An MS in Geography from IUP provides you with the Skills, Engagement, Experience, and Knowledge for your career. Couple this with the value of a state-funded university: You get the benefit of being instructed by IUP’s internationally recognized educators at a fraction of the cost of a private institution.