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Reduced Wellness Fee or Full Waiver Request

All Indiana campus IUP students must pay the Wellness Fee or Community Wellness Fee each semester.

  • Full-time undergraduate students are required to pay the Wellness Fee of $170/semester.
  • Part-time undergraduate and graduate students are required to pay the Community Wellness Fee of $43/semester.
  • No summer fee is charged.

The Wellness Fee or Community Wellness Fee is a mandatory university fee. Most services at the Center for Health and Well-Being are funded by these student fees. In some instances or circumstances, students may be eligible for a reduction or a full waiver of the fee. See below for specific criteria.

If full-time undergraduate students meet the criteria for the reduced Wellness Fee, they are required to pay the Community Wellness Fee of $43/semester.

Eligibility Requirements for Reduction of Wellness Fee (Full-time Undergraduate Students Only):

Fee reduction: Request to reduce the Wellness Fee ($170) for full-time undergraduate students to the Community Wellness Fee ($43):

  • The student’s commute from his/her primary residence to the Indiana campus is 50 miles or more.
  • The student is commuting at least 25 miles one way from the Indiana campus to a full-time academic assignment. No classes scheduled for the Indiana campus.

Eligibility Requirements for Full Waiver of Wellness Fee or Community Wellness Fee:

  • A graduate student with weekend-only classes (Friday afternoon–Saturday).
  • The student enrolled in academic assignments held at least 75 miles from the Indiana campus. The student cannot be registered for any classes to be held on the Indiana campus.
  • A student registered for only online/distance education classes. All classes must be online/distance education.
  • The graduate student registered for only dissertation credits who commutes at least 50 miles to the Indiana campus (graduate students only).

Students must apply each semester that they feel they may be eligible for the reduced Wellness Fee or for full waiver of the Community Wellness Fee. There are currently no automatic fees assessed for summer; therefore, no waivers are needed for summer. Reduced fee requests, waivers, and refunds are not possible beyond the current and immediately preceding semester. See IUP’s policy regarding fees and refunds.

The reduced fee or waiver request form is only available online through URSA (University Records and Systems Assistant). Follow this procedure to complete the form:

  1. If you are requesting a waiver based on distance from campus, please use MapQuest to verify eligibility.
  2. Go to the URSA website.
  3. Log in to secure area using your Banner ID and PIN.
  4. Select “Student Services.”
  5. Select “Billing and Fee Information.”
  6. Check to see if you’ve been billed for Wellness fee.
  7. If billed, select “Request for Reduced Fee or Full Wellness Fee Waiver.”
  8. Complete request form.
  9. Your request is transmitted electronically to the Center for Health and Well-Being for review.
  10. You will receive an e-mail with the outcome of your request. Waiver requests will not be processed until after the drop/add period has ended.
  11. Do not postpone paying your bill. If your request is approved after you pay your bill, you will receive a refund.