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Faculty Recognition Program for Excellence in Teaching

The purpose of the Faculty Recognition Awards is to acknowledge the multidimensional nature of the practice of teaching and to begin to recognize some of the many excellent faculty members at IUP. These are not global awards for teaching, like the University Senate award for teaching. These are possible ways of thinking about your teaching. However, there are many other possibilities.

One of the goals of the Center for Teaching Excellence, as set forth in its original mission statement, is to develop mechanisms for recognizing the excellence in teaching that exists at IUP. To this end, the Faculty Recognition Program for Excellence in Teaching was established in 1990 by the Teaching Excellence Subcommittee of the Faculty Professional Development Committee.

Award Guidelines and Application

Self-nominations are encouraged. If you need additional information, please call 724-357-7800 or send an e-mail to

Winners of the Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Recognition Award

2015 Faculty Recognition Award Winners
Maha Alawdat, Crystal Machado, Jeanine Mazak-Kahne, Gloria Park, Theresa Shellenbarger, Melissa Swauger
2014 Faculty Recognition Award Winners
Christina Huhn and Leanne Lentz, Lora Ott, Vida Irani, Laurel Black, Dennis Giever, Shijuan "Laurel" Liu, Lilian Mina
2013 Faculty Recognition Award Winners
Ann Amicucci, Shana Kraynak, Bruce Novak, Theresa Rufrano-Ruffner, Todd Thompson, Andrew Zhou
2012 Faculty Recognition Award Winners
Francisco Alarcon & Lydia Rodriguez, Azad Ali, Werner Lippert & William McPherson, Meighan Robb, Lynn Shelly, John Taylor
2011 Faculty Recognition Award Winners
Michelen Bruno and Kirsten Murray, Justin Fair, Kate Hanrahan, Thomas Lord, Charles Shubra, Jin Su
2010 Faculty Recognition Award Winners
Wendy Carse, Karen Cecone, Jason Chimonides, Susan Fello
2009 Faculty Recognition Award Winners
Fredaline Bowers, Lori Lombard, Kelli Reefer-Paquette
2008 Faculty Recognition Award Winners
Kenneth Coles, Rick Kemp, Michele McCoy, Robert Millward, Jonathan Southard
2007 Faculty Recognition Awards
Janet Walker, Valeri Helterbran, Stacey Winstead, Sue Reig, Ramesh Soni, David Loomis, Thomas Lord, Gwen Torges, Stuart Chandler
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