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Start Any Major

Three students walk down the front steps of the Northpointe facility

You can start any of IUP’s majors at the Northpointe campus.

Through our Great Place to Start program, you will take your first year of classes at Northpointe and finish your degree at the IUP main campus.

Please note: Some majors—such as math, chemistry, art, and music—will take longer than four years to complete if started at the Northpointe campus.


Dance, see Interdisciplinary Fine Arts, Dance Arts Track

Dentistry (Pre-Dentistry Track, Natural Science major)

Dietetics, see Nutrition, Dietetics Track

Dietetics, Culinary, see Nutrition, Culinary Dietetics

Disability Services

Disability Services Sociology, see Sociology, Sociology of Disability Services Track


Early Childhood Education (PreK–4)/Special Education (PreK–8)*

Early Childhood Education (PreK–4)/Special Education (PreK–8), Urban Track

Earth and Space Science Education*

Ecology, see Biology, Ecology, Conservation, and Environmental Biology Track

     Economics, Pre-Law Track*

Economics Education, see Social Studies Education, Economics Track

Economic Geography, see Geography, Economic Concentration

Education, see Art Education, Biology Education, Business Education, Chemistry Education, English Education, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics Education, Music Education, Physics Education, Spanish Education K–12, Vocational-Technical Education, or Social Studies Education (Anthropology Concentration, Sociology Concentration, Economics Track, Geography Track, or History Track)

Electro-Optics, see Physics, Electro-Optics Track

Energy, see Geology, Energy Resources Track

Engineering, Dual Degree (Pre-Engineering Track, Physics major)

     English Education*
     English, Film Studies Track*
     English, Language Studies Track*
     English, Literary, Textual, and Cultural Studies Track*
     English, Pre-Law Track*
     English, Writing Studies Track*

Entrepreneurship, see Management, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Track

Environmental Biology, see Biology, Ecology, Conservation, and Environmental Biology Track

Environmental Geography, see Geography, Environmental Concentration

Environmental Geology, see Geology, Environmental Track

Environmental Health, see Biology, Environmental Health Track

Environmental Planning, see Regional Planning, Environmental Planner Concentration

Environmental Science, see Safety, Health, and Environmental Applied Sciences

Exercise Science (Physical Education and Sport/Exercise Science Program)


Operations Management, see Management, Operations Management Track

Optometry (Pre-Optometry Track, Natural Science major)


Pan-African Studies (minor only)

Performance, see Music Performance

Pharmacy (Pre-Pharmacy, Natural Science major)

     Philosophy/Pre-Law Track

Physical Education, see Health and Physical Education

Physical Education
     Physical Education and Sport
     Physical Education and Sport, Exercise Science
     Physical Education and Sport, Sport Administration
     Physical Therapy (Pre-Physical Therapy Track, Natural Science major)

Physical Therapy, see Natural Science, Pre-Physical Therapy Track

     Physics, Applied Track
     Physics, Electro-Optics Track
     Physics, Nanomanufacturing Track
     Physics, Pre-Engineering Track
     Physics Education*

Podiatry (Pre-Podiatry Track, Natural Science major)

Political Science
     Political Science
     Political Science, Pre-Law Track

Political Science, International, see International Studies/Political Science

PreK, see Early Childhood Education/PreK–Grade 4

Pre-Chiropractic, see Chiropractic, Pre-Chiropractic Track

Pre-Dentistry, see Dentistry, Pre-Dentistry Track

Pre-Engineering, see Engineering, Pre-Engineering Track, Physics, Pre-Engineering Track, or Preprofessional Physics, Pre-Engineering Track

Pre-Law, see Criminology, Pre-Law Track, Economics, Pre-Law Track, English, Pre-Law Track, History/Pre-Law Track, Political Science, Pre-Law Track, or Philosophy/Pre-Law Track

Pre-Medicine, see Biology, Pre-Medicine Concentration or Chemistry, Pre-Medicine Concentration

Pre-Optometry, see Optometry, Pre-Optometry Track

Pre-Pharmacy, see Pharmacy

Pre-Physical Therapy, see Natural Science, Pre-Physical Therapy Track

Pre-Podiatry, see Podiatry

Pre-Veterinary, see Veterinary, Pre-Veterinary Track

     Preprofessional Natural Science, Pre-Chiropractic Track
     Preprofessional Natural Science, Pre-Dentistry Track
     Preprofessional Natural Science, Pre-Optometry Track
     Preprofessional Natural Science, Pre-Pharmacy Track
     Preprofessional Natural Science, Pre-Physical Therapy Track
     Preprofessional Natural Science, Pre-Podiatry Track
     Preprofessional Physics, Pre-Engineering Track

Pre-Veterinary, see Biology, Pre-Veterinary Track



Veterinary (Pre-Veterinary Track, Biology major)

Vocational-Technical Education*


Women’s Studies Minor (minor only)

Writing Studies, see English, Writing Studies Track

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