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Water Fitness Class Descriptions


This program uses the buoyant qualities of water to enhance physical fitness through exercises. It is a medium-impact water class designed to provide cardiovascular conditioning, improved muscle tone, and improved balance. It is a total body workout without the stress of land-based exercise. Non-swimmers welcome!


Gym too crowded? Is there a ten-minute wait just to get on a treadmill, or is the gym too packed to use some free weights? Well, come and join an hour-long water aerobics class that utilizes the resistance of the water to get your heart rate up and your muscles moving. In Aquafit, we will alternate between different equipment, such as water weights, water barbells, and hand paddles, to make each class fun and interesting. Each class will consist of a warm up, sets of repetitions followed by a recovery period, and, of course, a cool down and stretch. Come and shake off the stressors of your day while burning some calories. Non-swimmers welcome.


Zumba fitness in the pool! It is fun and invigorating with Latin American/international rhythms and dance for aqua fitness. The decreased force of gravity enables you to get a workout without stressing the joints and back, but will give you the aerobics to promote muscle flexibility and joint mobility. You will also be burning the same amount of calories, while your heart does not work as hard. Come and join the Zumba pool party experience!

Hydro X

Hydro X is one hour of intense aquatic exercise. This aquatic program is a great cardiovascular conditioner and toner. It is a high-impact exercise that uses the properties of water to assist the body. It is a great calorie burner, too! Non-swimmers welcome.


Take part in one hour of sure tension diffusion with Hydrocise. This aquatic exercise mixes medium and high impacts to give the body a great total body workout. This water-assisted exercise provides a perfect ending to a hectic week. Non-swimmers welcome.

Lunch Time Fat Burner Club

Kick, tread, and scull your way to a fit body! This 60-minute fat-burning workout will improve your cardiovascular strength and endurance. Through skill and self confidence, you will gain a better range of motion, lessen stress, and improve your daily lifestyle. Come and embrace your personal fitness through this challenging and fulfilling lunchtime aqua program. The class uses different flotation devices to assist you in a total body workout. You will find this class especially challenging to the abs and thighs. Participants must be comfortable in deep water with no support and have a positive and ambitious attitude toward personal fitness.

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