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Proposal Review

Prior to submission of any external funding request, a proposal must go through a standard IUP review process.

Pre-Award Process

  • This process includes the review and approval (evidenced by signatures) of designated representatives throughout the university.
  • An IUP Research Institute Grant and Contract Specialist will assist the principal investigator with the preparation and/or review of all forms (Proposal Authorization Form and Proposal Budget Authorization Form) prior to routing to ensure budget continuity, adherence to RFP guidelines, and compliance with university and/or regulatory agency requirements.
  • The principal investigator (PI) is responsible for discussing the proposal with their chair and dean at least one (1) week prior to submission deadline. It is the PI’s responsibility to provide the chair with enough detail so that the chair and dean can make a decision as to endorsement/support of the proposal.
  • The principal investigator is responsible for signing and securing approval/signatures from their chair and dean. Once these signatures have been obtained by the PI, the IUP Research Institute is responsible for securing signatures from the dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research.
  • Once the proposal forms have been fully executed, the proposal is ready for submission.

Proposal Review Process

  • The university requires that all proposals be reviewed by the internal Proposal Review Team prior to proposal submission. The team consists of members from:
    • Grants Accounting
    • Human Resources
    • School of Graduate Studies and Research
    • Academic Affairs
    • Purchasing
    • Distance Learning and Continuing Education
    • Facilities Management
    • IT Services
    • IUP Research Institute
  • The purpose of this review is to inform essential university representatives of potential projects/requirements as well as to ensure that all proposed expenses are accurate and reasonable and can be expeditiously processed as outlined if the award is received.
  • Proposal Review is an on-line process; there is no formal meeting for the PI to attend. However, questions may arise that require clarification for the committee. The Grant and Contract Specialist will respond to questions raised in the proposal review process.
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IUP Research Institute staff are available to assist IUP Researchers with finding, applying for, securing, and managing externally funded projects.
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