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Assurance of Learning, Undergraduate: Goals, Objectives, and Course Alignment


Learning Goals:

An ECOBIT Graduate will be able to:

Learning Objective A

Learning Objective B

Learning Objective C


Understand core knowledge of business functional disciplines and their interdisciplinary nature; have the ability to integrate them Demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of the core business functional areas Analyze and synthesize knowledge from different functional areas and generate alternative solutions to business issues

Measured in:

ETS - results by functional area

MGMT 495



Communicate effectively Produce professional quality written communication Deliver professional quality oral presentation Demonstrate effective communication skills in a team setting

 Measured in:

BTST 321

BTST 321 & MGMT 495

BTST 321


Exhibit data analysis, critical thinking, and decision making skills Comprehend appropriate quantitative methods and apply them to various problems using statistical packages and manual techniques Apply appropriate analytical techniques to a given business problem, generate and compare alternatives, and develop a solution Analyze and evaluate legal issues confronting business by reviewing relevant court decisions

 Measured in:

QBUS 215

FIN 310 & MGMT 495

BLAW 235


Demonstrate leadership skills and ability to work effectively in teams Comprehend the theories and frameworks pertaining to leadership and team work


Measured in:

MGMT 310



Integrate and value a global perspective, and demographic and cross-cultural diversity in a business environment Demonstrate knowledge of socially sensitive tenets for working with people of different cultures Analyze business and organizational issues in a global setting  

Measured in:

MGMT 310

MKTG 320 & MGMT 330



Understand the implications of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethical behavior Comprehend the concepts pertaining to CSR and ethics Analyze and evaluate CSR and/or ethics issues confronting businesses  

Measured in:

ACCT 201, ACCT 202 & MGMT 310

MKTG 320 & BLAW 235



Demonstrate proficiency in the use of technology Comprehend, analyze, and evaluate different technologies employed in Computer Based Information Systems in organizations Comprehend, analyze, and evaluate the application of various business software, including spreadsheets, databases, and ERP, for solving organizational problems  

Measured in:

IFMG 300

IFMG 300, MGMT 330 & FIN 310



Possess a well-rounded liberal studies education that values the need for continuous learning and adaptation to change      

Measured in:

Liberal Studies - GPA


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