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Orientation and Advising

It is important for you to continuously engage with your graduate students to keep them moving towards their goals and make their experience at IUP a positive one. Some of our best recruiters are our own alumni! The SGSR supports your efforts through the noted resources below.

New Student Orientation

To assist we have developed an online orientation that provides new graduate students with downloadable materials, information, and links to get them ready for their first classes. We encourage all graduate coordinators to provide program-specific orientations; this online site works well when coupled with your program-specific orientation to ensure your new students are aware of all resources offered by IUP.

Graduate Student Handbooks

Your students main resource and guide as they complete their degree is your graduate student handbook outlining your program-specific policies and requirements. We have created a template (MS-Word) that allows you and your program to quickly create a comprehensive resource for your graduate students. We have also provide handbook examples from the Department of Counseling (login required) and the Department of ART (PDF) to give you an idea of how you can approach one for your programs needs. Additionally, we have provided a sample (PDF) for creating your own signature page for students. All programs are strongly encouraged to have a student handbook with a signature page. These tools are critical for enhancing student academic experiences and provide them with a guide to navigate the program successfully. The signature page is most helpful because it directs and encourages students to take responsibility for the content and protects the department and the coordinator from future challenges about policies and practices.

University Policies — Graduate Catalog

From time to time, you may have need to refer to university policies as you advise and support your students. Refer to the current Graduate Catalog to access the most up-to-date policies. Common policies many graduate coordinators refer to are:

  • Transfer of credits
  • Total semester withdrawal
  • Academic good standing
  • Academic integrity

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