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February 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Council of Graduate Coordinators
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, February 24, 2010
Graduate Coordinators Present: Gail Berlin, Lynne Ann Black, Jennie Bullard, Gary Dean, Robert Gendron, Beverly Goodwin, Chris Janicak, Linda Klingaman, Becky Knickelbein, Krish Krishnan, Keith Kyler, Crystal Machado, Mary Lou Metz, Phil Neusius, Gian Pagnucci, Shannon Phaneuf, Mark Piwinsky, Teresa Shellenbarger, Stephanie Taylor-Davis, Dawn Woodland

Graduate School Staff present: Lori Harkleroad, Beverly Obitz, Paula Sandusky

  • Meeting called to order by Dr. Timothy Mack, Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research
  • Introductions
    • Everyone introduced themselves since there were new  faculty members present
  • Approval of Minutes
    • The January 27 minutes were approved.
  • Open Issues
    • Handwritten applications -Concern was raised regarding the high number of handwritten applications being received versus typed applications.  This was discussed, with Lori Harkleroad indicating that the SGSR does indeed receive handwritten applications from prospective students.  It was suggested that graduate coordinators could call or email Lori if they are having problems reading the writing- especially the email address of the student.
    • Credit Card Payment online – Recommended that the link be moved to a more prominent location. Online payment is on the Bursar’s website.  An alias URL is not possible at this time, so those applicants who submit paper applications should be directed to the Bursar’s website ( and use IUP Marketplace to pay the application fees online. 
    • Letter of recommendation – Can this be available online in addition to maintaining an option for paper copy? SGSR will investigate this.
    • International Student QPA – Some coordinators noted that this is an important part of the application that is often missing from International Student applications. This is true.  Some countries do not calculate this, nor do some even give numerical scores for grades.  It is possible to have World Education Services evaluate the grades, but it has a significant cost per student- about $130. 
      • Available options: 
        • Student pays $130.
        • Student pays fee up front and is reimbursed by the SGSR once enrolled.
        • SGSR pays for every application (probably prohibitively expensive)
        • Keep what we are doing.
      • What is the impact of student paying the fee up front…
        • The number of international applications would likely decrease, as $130 is a significant portion of the per capita annual income in some foreign countries. 
        • Recommended that SGSR coordinate a 1-hour workshop on how to evaluate international student applications.
        • Primary countries include: China, Korea, and India (a reference sheet would be helpful).
  • New Business
    • Beverly Obitz – Presentation on T/D Website and
      • Proposing to redesign the T/D Website to make it more user friendly and easier to find. There will be a link directly from the SGSR main page.
      • assists students in formatting their Thesis/Dissertation text (Ex., provides instruction on how to develop a table of contents)
        • Video instruction provides 24/7 availability.
        • Yearly Cost: $2,500.00.
        • Students acquire access through their IUP address (working out details).
        • Available as a Link on the SGSR website.
      • Full Free Adobe Acrobat Software available for use through the SGSR
        • Earmarked for T&D students ONLY.
        • PC & Mac.
    • Differential Graduate Tuition
      • Academic college deans have recommended that selected programs be considered for a 5% differential graduate tuition amount, as part of their budget planning analyses. This will hopefully generate $250,000.
      • We would still be short $1.4 million.  If we increase enrollment, that adds over $5,000 in new revenue per student.   These funds can help offset the deficit and reduce the likelihood of frozen or lost faculty and staff positions.   Basically, we can try to grow our way out of the budget deficit.
      • Several coordinators noted how difficult it is to increase enrollment; others noted that it is actually impossible for them based on accreditation, space, or other constraints.  
      • We are hoping to increase in enrollment from new programs.
    •  Indebtedness (Handout)
      • Students are walking in the door with significant debt – getting them out the door in a timely manner helps them keep their total debt growing excessively.
      • Keep students on time and on track so additional expenses are not accrued.
      • Mark Piwinsky shared his department’s 4+1 offering
        • Eliminates recruiting costs.
        • Need for assistantships decline.
        • Good deal for the students.
    •  Enrollment Management Plan (Handout)
      • Plan to discuss at the next meeting.
      • Address the time it takes a new program to get through the Review Process.
      • Add “Alternative” Scheduling (Saturday nights, odd hours, off times).
    • Marketing and Communication’s Task Force Committee (Paula Sandusky)
      • Data collection complete.
      • Working on final document for submission.
      • Finding that departments are doing an excellent job of marketing what they have; however, there is no “plan” for communicating what they are doing.
      • IUP website needs more graduate program and research recognition.
      • Add a “Research At IUP” page.
    • Co-Chair – Strategic Planning Committee (Phil Neusius)
      • Significant progress.
      • Seven different goal areas being addressed.
      •  Objectives are ready to go.
      • Results will become public soon.
  • The next meeting will be April 7, 2010, 11:00-12:30 p.m. – Graduate Coordinators; 12:30-1:00 p.m. – Doctoral Coordinators. Location: Susquehanna Room, HUB. RSVP your attendance and send Agenda items to Tracy at by Friday, March 26, 2010.
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