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History Club Minutes 3-2-10

Minutes Code #10E 3/2/10

The meeting was called to order by History Club Officers at 6:34 p.m.

In attendance:

Refer to separate official History Club Attendance Sheet

Approval of Minutes:

History Club Secretary   X:______________________________________________________

Officer Interaction:

  • Tickets for Slebodnik dinner now on sale

Advisor to Officer Memos:

  • Tickets to be printed for Slebotnik dinner.
  • Ask Dr. Finnegan about Haitian relief fund.

Officer to Member Memos:

  • Last day to turn in dues.

Budget Update:

  • $300.00

President’s Report:

  • Slebodnik dinner is getting going.
  • T-shirt design is final.


  • April 16 Slebodnik dinner definitely set
  • March 3 next bake sale
  • History day, Friday march 19th Dr. Mannard needs volunteers 8-12 in the HUB
  • Earth Day suggestions to give away in the Oak Grove

Next Meeting:

  • TBA