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History Club Minutes 2-2-10

Minutes Code #10B 2/2/10

The meeting was called to order by History Club Officers at 6:30 p.m.

In attendance:

Refer to separate official History Club Attendance Sheet 

Approval of Minutes:

History Club Secretary   X:______________________________________________________

Officer Interaction:

  • History Club Officers regrouped, Obligations/Responsibilities/Policies reassigned and distributed and approved. History Club Meeting Time/Place approved with IUP Registrar and the Scheduling Office. 
  • Flyers approved and submitted to Pro-Packet.
  • History Club PNC account retiled.
  • History Club reregistered with IUP Student Life and approved thru University Organizations.

Advisor to Officer Memos:

  • History Club Officer and Advisor meeting 01/31 (new priorities and goals)

Officer to Member Memos:

  • Treasure Notice: Dues/Club Fees is $5.00, due dates announced.
  • Secretary Notice: Please be sure to sign the attendance sheet legibly with your four letters.
  • Public Relations Notice: Please voice your ideas for what you look for in a club!

Budget Update:

  • New Dues/Fee Set
  • Trips Expense
  • Slobotinik Dinner Expense
  • Fundraisers

President’s Report:

  • Please: When emailing me concerning History Club issues, use HC in the subject line!
  • Memo: Thanks for coming tonight!


  • Welcome Members!: Quick Intro to History Club, answer questions, meet officers.
  • Slobobinik Dinner: Date/Time/Place/Price Details, Members please sell tickets!
  • Member Push: Incentive ideas
  • Fundraisers: T-Shirts, Bake Sale, Valentine’s Day Sale, ect.
  • Club Events/Trips/Speakers members wish for?

Next Meeting:

February 8th, 2010, 6:30 p.m. in Keith Hall # 231